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Ridgewood braces for cicada invasion


Ridgewood braces for cicada invasion
April 8, 2013
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ . It only happens once every 17 years and according to the AP

Cicadas, those big,ugly, noisy bugs that climb out of the earth with cyclical regularity about every decade and a half and are about to pay us a visit .

Experts say that the bugs live underground and feed off fluid that gathers near the roots of plants, then emerge from the soil when its temperature reaches 64 degrees.

Cicadas are largely harmless, but their sheer numbers can cause headaches. Prediction are that Some areas could see as many as a billion bugs per square mile. Filling to a lot  roadways and grassy surfaces with dead bugs and they can also disrupt outdoor events with their loud buzzing.

WNYC a iNew York radio station is going to be tracking  the invasion.


3 thoughts on “Ridgewood braces for cicada invasion

  1. Hey, I don’t want these things in the town. Spray, will ya? They are ugly, scary and noisy.

  2. I don’t want these things in town. They are ugly, noisy and creepy. What if the town sprays for them? Let’s do that instead of letting them out!

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