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Ridgewood Central Business District Community Forum

CBD ridgewood

January 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Central Business District Advisory Committee invites you to their first forum. Its purpose is to engage in an open dialogue with our business owners. Come Learn about the various initiatives they have undertaken. This committee wants to hear directly from you. They want to understand the challenges business owners are facing and the opportunities that stand before us. They also want to hear success stories and any suggestions for improving our Central Business District. The Mayor and other Councilmembers will also be participating.

Central Business District Community Forum
Wed, January 17, 2018
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Ridgewood Village Hall, 131 N Maple Ave., Ridgewood, NJ 07450


12 thoughts on “Ridgewood Central Business District Community Forum

  1. Suggestion #1. Tell your owners and employees to park somewhere else. This way the spots will be open for your CUSTOMERS!

  2. Suggestion #2 No free rides. If you want something you must buy into it.

  3. @10:40 no free rides for all businesses in town including healthbarn in a park. It’s not the CBD but it is a business and should be treated exactly the same!!!!

  4. This site has HealthBarn turrets syndrome. Sorry about Schedler. Commenter: HealthBarn! Story about Susan. Commenter: HealthBarn!! Story about budget. Commenter: HealthBarn!!! Story about Trump and porn star. Commenter: Well porn is really about male power in a patriarchical society keeping women down, uhhhhh, HealthBarn!!!!!

  5. this photograph appears to have been taken by the driver… illegal!

  6. QUESTION #1:

  7. sounds to me like 2:57 is the one with Healthbarn (and apparently other) issues.

  8. @5:21 haha. And I guess anyway to get your name out there even if it is negative attention…is attention. Lol

  9. @2:57 maybe they are just trying to get their point across much like people who bash our Mayor over and over. I guess they have Mayor hatred turrets syndrome!!!

  10. Ramon is aligned to CBD, why do we need a big special meeting and can the public join.

  11. 2:57 that is so true. Regardless of the huge multitude of requests to have the council look into the Health Barn and the huge number of complaints by local residents whose neighborhood has literally been destroyed, Nothing is being done, said, or explained. The council probably couldn’t even describe what the elephant in the room looks like as they are too busy walking around it to act. They apparently have decided if they ignore the whole thing, it will go away. NOT! I guess they are leaving it for the new council to take care of as they certainly cannot be expecting to be elected again based on the “tremendous” response they have shown to ANY Ridgewood problems. They saddest thing is all the money they are wasting by their procrastination and determination to do things that residents do not want (garage?) They seem to be all good individuals that collectively are scared of their shadows and any possible negative remark about them by residents. So Stacey could sue. Her prior actions have been to sue anyone she disagrees with but that was known about her before that contract was signed. Council JUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING BUT SNORE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE DISCUSSION OF THE PROBLEM!

  12. Yes her moto seems to be sue or threaten suit so she can get her way and outr Council is scared or doesn’t really care. Over it. Habernickle Park will soon be called healthbarn USA and all her 2-3 fans can have dinner, yoga and DRINKS there! Way to go council! It really is so easy if you just looked at the lease and made a few changes, looked at what was discussed on the video of the meeting and bothered to drive over there to see what really is happening. But I guess that is too much to ask

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