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Ridgewood Chamber Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale Days

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Sizzling Summer Sidewalk Sale Days. Welcome back to Ridgewood!! Saturday August 8th, from Walnut up through S. N Broad Street Come on out to the Pedestrian Mall and do some shopping: See attached flyer for store participants. Ridgewood Chamber 201-445-2600 .

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Chamber Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale Days

  1. So Ridgewood Chamber can have sidewalk sales but they canceled the car show. That make sense.

  2. Sidewalk sale Is for the benefit of the remaining retail stores bringing customers to the stores and restaurants.

    Car show takes up a lot of street space. We already have the pedestrian mall.

  3. The Car Show always generates significant foot traffic in the CBD. Good for retail and restaurant business.

  4. Cars = Bad
    get it?
    Maybe a Tesla show or a bicycle show would be approved…

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