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Ridgewood Citizens for Reasonable Development, RCRD, enthusiastically endorses Susan KNUDSEN and James VAN GOOR for Village Council

Vote Ridgewood NJ

Mayor Knudsen has worked with RCRD and our 1000’s of supporters for many years. She is incredibly knowledgeable and in her very real actions and votes has been a staunch advocate for “truly” reasonable development, while successfully guiding our Village through Covid.  As a Planning Board member, former RW Fire Chief, JIM VAN GOOR has shown a proven track record supporting reasonable development.  These are the quality of dedicated, reliable civil advocates – with real voting track records that we need running our town.

Most residents don’t know that the new apartment complexes downtown could have been almost twice the size without Knudsen’s tireless work!  She is truly a fighter for Ridgewood and always sides with residents against the big money developers.

The other two candidates have indicated support for the original massive projects downtown. Where KNUDSEN & VAN GOOR, are strongly backed by RW resident groups – RCRD, CRR and Friends of Schedler –  their competitors, Winograd & Weitz, are the big developers’ choice.  We believe Winograd & Weitz claims of being for “reasonable development” are empty campaign words, as past actions and alliances show us something different.

RIGHT NOW, developers are hoping Winograd & Weitz win… and their rezoning applications are waiting! They only need one of them to be elected to create a block with enough votes to start a new era of big development.  Already, developers have asked about:

1.       A 5 story, 90+ room assisted living complex on Broad Street;

2.       Redeveloping The Gap with 3 stories of apartments above the store (and no parking);

3.       Building 42 apartments per acre on Maple Ave (where no more than 18 per acre is allowed); and

4.       Tearing down 2 historic homes on Maple Ave to build a cul du sac of homes;

5.       And several more!


If you think there is no room for more big development in RW, just look at all the single-story buildings in town and imagine how they’d look with 3-4 stories above them!

It is important to VOTE for BOTH KNUDSEN and VAN GOOR to prevent block voting in support of developers. 

Please help protect Ridgewood from overdevelopment.




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6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Citizens for Reasonable Development, RCRD, enthusiastically endorses Susan KNUDSEN and James VAN GOOR for Village Council

  1. We can’t afford the tax burden imposed by increased use of village services and influx of new school students. Urge people to get out and vote for Knudsen / Van goor.

  2. Saraceno’s minions have been very active…it is important to beat this con man.

  3. Please share this information with your Ridgewood friends and neighbors, especially those who may not understand how important this election will be. Developers are destroying our lovely suburbs and it takes a lot to fight back. Vote!

  4. I am doing what I can to make neighbors aware about what W&W represent. Those with signs on the lawn are hopelessly naive.
    I all honesty, I can’t forgive Knudsen for cutting those trees in the train station parking lot to make room for 5 Mini Coopers and for not appointing a competent Village Manager. But I know what’s at stake so I will still vote and campaign for her and Van Goor when I can. My vote is more against W&W than pro Knudsen. But it is what it is.

  5. Get a mayor tell the taxpayers how much money was paid back so far from the coin heist. Just curious.

  6. look me up

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