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Ridgewood Community Garden Flooded with Sewage

Old Paramus Reformed Church , Community Garden

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Mary Hefferan Office Assistant at the Parks and Recreation Department for the Village of Ridgewood ,do to the flood waters overwhelming the sewer system the water that flooded the garden had a significant level of bacteria. Please discard any produce that has been exposed to the flood waters.

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Community Garden Flooded with Sewage

  1. Very interesting and people are fishing right Next to that. Amazing .I hope all the sanitation workers got their shots because they’re picking up all that waste from peoples homes that got flooded think about it.They should be receiving hazardous pay.

  2. And gloves don’t stop it. We hope that the village is going to Sanitize the trucks. When done.

  3. So I guess now They are going to have to rip everything up. How are they going to get rid of the bacteria that’s in the dirt.

  4. We wonder how much human waste was released into the book. Can you imagine,

  5. Thank you for the information. However. that is not a picture of the Ridgewood Community Garden.

  6. Maybe it’s an old photo from years ago?

  7. Rain and air will dissipate the sewage but don’t think it is restricted only to this area or the brook. Ridgewood needs green infrastructure as well as a stormwater management program, as all our streets, homes and landscapes are collecting PFAS and pesticides which, yes, eventually enter our drinking wells.

  8. Appropriate.

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