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Ridgewood continues state-mandated master plan examination


JUNE 23, 2015    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015, 9:25 AM

With its lengthy hearings dedicated to multifamily housing cleared from the docket, the Ridgewood Planning Board refocused its attention on master plan reexamination discussions, which resumed on June 16.

The board focused on the historic preservation aspect of the master plan, which begins with the historic preservation plan. The village’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) recommends to the Planning Board which properties and structures it believes to be worthy of preservation. The board can choose to follow those recommendations or adopt its own.

The HPC recommendations were presented last Tuesday and a representative was on hand to answer questions from board members. Among the recommendations was to include the entire B-1 zone within the village’s center historic district. Village Planner Blais Brancheau is recommending its inclusion be further studied.

“You have these little pockets that can change and be developed non-historically, which would end up totally out of place with what’s there,” said Joe Suplicki, vice chairman of the Historical Preservation Society. “We want to try and keep the continuity there. If something is changed, it’s going to fit in with what’s there, it’s not going to look historic, but it will not look 22nd century.”

The HPC also proposed adding a stretch of Franklin Avenue all the way to Irving Street and sections of the Ridgewood railroad station not already included in the historic district.

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