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Ridgewood Council Approves Citizens Financial Advisory Board


Village Council Approves Citizens Financial Advisory Board
April 27, 2013
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood  NJ,  The Village Council agreed Wednesday to establish citizens finance committee charged with providing officials with financial and budget advice about the Village .

The panel will consist of seven residents with backgrounds in business, and finance as well as a member of the Village Council and a representative from Ridgewood’s Finance Department.

The Finance committee, similar to the Tiger Team used earlier to review Village finances  will meet monthly and provide its insights and recommendations throughout the year as fiscal issues arise and as the council deems needed.

In July, the council will name three residents to three-year terms on the committee, with two citizens appointed for two-year terms, and two others to one-year terms. The committe is dependent on volunteers like many other Ridgewood Boards ,

The committee will be charges with providing the Village council with an annual report it will use as an overview as it works on the municipal budget.

The committee has also been granted access to documents, including employee contracts, policy manuals, organizational charts, and budget documents.

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Council Approves Citizens Financial Advisory Board

  1. yea o k, this group need’s to start with the fire , police, and top manager’s. they make all the money in town. end of the talk’s.

  2. It needs to start over with the people on it. Some of the finance people are personal and wealth managers. This committee needs corporate or public finance.

  3. The committee people need to disclose all political contributions and any donations, all sources of income,tickets and arrests, and if the committee want to have any credibilty whatsoever the have to include some sort of employee representation from the union standpoint and no union wage earners. Anything less is just an out right attack on the public employee’s.

  4. yea this is a load of dog doo.

  5. The formation of this “advisory board” is proof our current council members lack the qualifications to understand the finances themselves. I watched the budget hearings. Some scary stuff.

  6. Is it true that Russ Forenza applied to be a member of this panel but was rejected by Mayor Aronsohn?

  7. Disclose connections to Business before the council such as the housing developments and Valley Hospital. For themselves and their relatives. Just because you don’t volunteer for valley doesn’t mean that your spouse and in-laws aren’t big supporters. We see through you.

    How many applications received so far?

  8. Who knows #6. No one was asked to be on the board. He picked his friends.

  9. It should be an open process not a bunch of guys who think that they run the town. Thy really think that they do. Such power!

  10. this is a big joke. they are going to fuck up this town. what are they going to do with the police and fire dept’s. they take all the money next to the b o e. come on.

  11. You sound like a disgruntled blue collar worker

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