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Ridgewood Councils Multifaceted Approach to Parking

Ridgewood Village Council

Their platform was a multifaceted approach. They did discuss tiered parking prices for commuters, one way streets with diagonal parking, a garage, subsidizing Uber, parking apps, possibly using the Zabriskie lot, employee parking, etc. The council discussed the parking rates in October and November, before voting on it. I don’t believe any member of the public complained about the price being tiered higher as you got closer to the train. The Financial Advisory Committee suggested raising the commuter passes as well as the meters, especially the meters on the streets closer to the train station (75 cents and hour was suggested). The council chose to keep the meters the same, except to lower 60 meters at Cottage to 25 cents an hour for CBD employee parking. These were both done to try to entice more people to use the Cottage Street lot, which remains mostly empty all day.
When the previous council was planning a garage, they said the garage would be mostly for patrons of the CBD. They said commuter parking would be on the upper levels.

Say the garage was built at Hudson. If 2 cars started from the same location, one drove directly to the Cottage lot, parked, & walked to the train platform. The other car drove directly to a garage at Hudson Street, drove round and round to the 3rd level, parked, came down to street level, and walked to the train platform- my guess is that the timing would be pretty much the same.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councils Multifaceted Approach to Parking

  1. ‘Tiered’ parking – to a cruel and uncaring council – could mean keeping the number of parking spots and (already high) permit rates at the train station unchanged, while reducing permit cost at Cottage Pl lot to say $300-400, to attract people to that underutilized location.

    Thankfully, we have a loving, caring, responsive council. So they decided to jack up permit cost at the train lot and slash number of parking lots. Meanwhile, they kept the permit fees for Cottage Pl to the same already high rate previously applied to train station parking. I guess they want the pigs.. err commuters to squeal in pain and hightail it out to train parking lots in other towns.

    So thankful!

  2. Its actually a one faceted approach–bury your head in the sand and pretend we dont need a garage.

  3. 1.56 That’s exactly what has and will continue to happen where town commuters are considered a locked in market by our new management in city hall.Cooperation is a two way street..oh but not in Ridgewood where VC mistakes are defended to eternity.

  4. Wonder what Jeff will utter tonight…

  5. It’s officially a Fubar.VC will now bunker in on earlier late announced confusing and expensive changes .Cottage Place is like a petting zoo for confused out of town Visitors. Ironically Cottage Place EMPLOYEE Only reserved spaces are underutilized…Local Employers/ Stores can’t deliver those employees to park there either. Confusion is great for the Traffic Violations Ticket Crew .it’s a cluster..folks..coverup is the next phase.. cottage lot is a pothole museum.

  6. Cottage pl lot is useless for commuters. It is a waste of time and money. It is not even comparable to other lots.

    1. yes but the people not parking there are parking somewhere else

  7. Re:12:32 and James closes the opportunity rushed and mishandled with townsfolk locked into expensive and restrictive pre paid resident train passes ,thereby limiting the range of solutions for the next 11 months.Garagezilla certainly not part of any solution outside of the developers dreams to plunder our hard earned investments in Ridgewood as lost Property and Taxpayers equity.

  8. 12:28… I beg to differ.. I used it every day, its a 3 block walk… Put the 12 hr meters back on and people will use it… as we are doing short term step by step I would welcome the return of some 12 hr spots there… as many others would… and who commutes from “wood” back and forth within 8 hours for work? signed, a commuter in exile parking in HoHoKus…

  9. 4:45 is I have commented many times The ridiculous loss of former 12 houred metered parking even for village residents/ only in cottage place was in place for years and the change to max 8 hours was protested and those protests ignored and that gave birth to the
    annual parking pass rip off.;the store owners were bitching about those more than 3 hours meter sitters for their crappy business plan.
    while their early arriving employers we sopping up street parking every day on arrival to their place of work

    Parking lot commuters buy food/ Drug store items Coffee and Wine and take out food before after a long day .We all win..we get value for our high taxes when we
    don’t have big brother down our necks .Bring back 12 hour metered o 12 hr Parkmobile parking for village residents( with Window Resident stickers). NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. too many employee only spots allocated to employee parking. many not VOR residents.

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