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Ridgewood NJ, first, changing Schedler from Preservation & Environmental Concerns to Ball Fields.

Now, changing the Safety of Ridgewood Students and Schools for Sports and Special Interest Groups.

Winograd takes every opportunity to praise herself for spearheading the One Village One Vote (OVOV) initiative.  As we all know, this eliminated our right to vote on the School Board Budget each year.

The #1 OVOV claim was that opening our schools to REGISTERED RIDGEWOOD VOTERS, on election days, is a DANGEROUS threat to students and school safety. She painted a horror image of crazy lunatics getting near our children and on school property. The voters bought this, unfortunately.

THE CHANGE:  Councilwoman Winograd – now you are talking about putting a 90-foot baseball diamond at lower Hawes field and/or the Sommerville field. A field this size is for adult leagues and players. In this scenario, you would not just have registered voters around the schools – you would have anyone and everyone from any town and even other states coming to play ball- every day into evening hours. Cars arriving with who-knows-who in them, drivers and passengers who could be up to many things besides playing baseball. How does this sync with your incessant preaching about safety for our children and school grounds?

Fact #1: School Security – One Village One Vote


  1. The driver’s license readers are broken. Tell the truth.

  2. She’s still a train wreck.

  3. Neighbors of Habernickel have that everyday with parties and social venues going on through the business that was put in the park by a previous council It is not just a children’s venue. There are night time events. There are chaperones for field trips. Their are guests at birthday parties

    Parks are open to the public and this business brings clients in from NJ and NY and wherever they can get paid to do so

    so what is the difference? The precedent was set 7 years ago. No one cares!

    Along with travel sports !

    1. I heard buses come in the parking lot and idle and the drivers. sit in them and watch people while the business hosts the bus riders. Creepy

  4. Winograd – the thief that keeps on taking

  5. What a con! Thousands lost their right to vote and it turns out safety was never a concern. How do we get our voting right back?

  6. Winograd and Paul Vagianos will do and say whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it means lying and colluding.

    1. Hmm sound familiar? Aka Biden

      1. Oh my God, yes. My sentiments exactly!

  7. Council Chat is this morning (9-11am) Head over to Village Hall this morning and ask Winograd to step down before she gets removed.

  8. Neighbors, registered voters, entering a school in their personal district, where they probably have their own children attending is a “DANGEROUS THREAT.” Even with security and safe measures in place.

    But the same doesn’t apply when it involves thousands of strangers from two states without any security in place.

  9. And of that isn’t enough- Throw in bathrooms where children can be (locked in) with these out-of-towners. No cameras or security in there.

  10. FARCE! Those that supported and voted in favor of OVOV, do you realize you were a pawn in the game. Please stop believing anything Siobhan says.

    1. Ship of fools

  11. Can we agree that using security and safety is a complete crock for both elections and sports fields?

    It was a crock for OVOV and a crock for sports fields.

    Let’s move on Ridgewood.

    1. The biggest farce of all is the LWV, an org that claims to support voter rights yet led the charge in support of OVOV

      1. Aronsohn et al suddenly joined the League of Women Voters to make it do their bidding. The ladies bowed and stepped back and they are still doing it.

  12. You know it’s amazing how they have all these groups that are willing to spend big money on installing new fields building, etc. it’s very nice. But what is the expense to maintain all this ,especially when the village doesn’t have the proper staffing. Is the village willing to hire employees for this. Because at this time we do know that a few other departments are short on staffing.
    3-water, pollution
    4-parks and recreation
    5-garage service
    6-road department
    7-yard waste services
    So how are they going to maintain everything. When all these departments are short on staff. Are they going to pay overtime work on weekends which is it or they going to hire outside contractors to help.
    This is just a thought that no one is talking about. And they expect all departments to cut 10% of their budget. Or more. It’s not gonna work. You can’t do more with less. and some departments are fully staffed why is that.

  13. yes ex cons playing soccer

  14. Has anyone looked at the Village records; paid time off, over-time, accrued time off etc.? Payroll and days off are astronomical but staff is hardly “on the job.” Village Hall is like a ghost town.

  15. So she’s saying that registered voting residents of Ridgewood are dangerous and more dangerous than the lunatics that will possibly come into our town to hang out or play a game on a new field which will probably be surround by woods, where bad things can happen, dangerous people can lurk… Thanks for feeling the residents of Ridgewood are not safe.

  16. Yes, we want all the overtime publicized. I’m sure the overtime budget in the police department and fire got to be close to $1 million. That should be cut. That’s ridiculous.

  17. Mr. mayor and council, we demand a list of who is receiving stipends from the village. We all would like to know who is receiving them, why are they receiving them, and what is the amount of money they are receiving. And can they fully do the job that are being paid a stipend for. We’re not just talking about Supervising, all foreman/supervisors are working employees. They are not directors. And a full list we know you’ll come through on this.
    Thank you. Voter.

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