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Ridgewood Dad and Daughter Team up on Camping Trip Zombie Apocalypse Book

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photos courtesy of Dana Glazer

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Village of Ridgewood resident Dana Glazer and his daughter Georgia have collaborated to create a book tailored for middle schoolers, titled “Dawnah & the Darkhearts.” The zombie adventure follows a 12-year-old girl who becomes humanity’s “last hope.” The inspiration for the story emerged during a trip to Cape Cod, evolving from an initial movie script named “Dawn and the Dead.” To avoid confusion with an existing TV show, they decided to spell the protagonist’s name uniquely, leading to “Dawnah & the Darkhearts.” Dana, a filmmaker, scriptwriter, and professor, shares his daughter’s love for all things spooky. The self-published book, launched in time for Halloween, explores Dawnah’s journey, her struggles connecting with others, and her encounters during a camping trip on the Appalachian Trail. This isn’t Georgia’s first venture into writing; she authored “No Pizza! No Cake!” at the age of 6, a story addressing the monotony of pizza and cake at birthday parties. The book was eventually published when she turned 10.

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7 thoughts on “Ridgewood Dad and Daughter Team up on Camping Trip Zombie Apocalypse Book

  1. They look like the workers ion the street department.

  2. That’s great, they sure move like a zombie

  3. I don’t get the zombie thing.

  4. Thumbs down, I guess the truth hurts

  5. I hope zombies eat leaves.

  6. I’m not even worry about the town not picking up the leaves. I’m gonna burn all of them this weekend.

  7. That’s so funny , it sure looks like a few of them. You just need a plate of hotdogs.

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