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Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron conveniently forgets a crucial fact in her defense of historic preservation consultant Peter Primavera

Pamela Perron

the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron fired off a cheap shot at critics of Peter Primavera, the Village’s Historic Preservation Consultant, when she chose to defend him at the close of Wednesday night’s Village Council Meeting, after all opportunities for public rebuttal had officially ended.

What Deputy Mayor Perron said on Wednesday night was that all criminal charges filed against Mr. Primavera related to a 1987 incident were “dismissed” by a Somerset County Superior Court judge in New Brunswick.


What Mr. Perron conveniently didn’t say on Wednesday night was that the charges were “dismissed” in connection with Mr. Primavera’s voluntary participation in a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI).

PTI is a program targeted at providing first-time offenders charged with non-violent crimes with an opportunity to avoid the crippling consequences often associated with a felony criminal conviction, and attempts to relieve some of the burden on the criminal justice system caused by such offenders. The program renders early rehabilitative services and aims to deter future criminal behavior.

Clearly, there was a reason Deputy Mayor Perron didn’t mention Mr. Primavera’s voluntary participation in a PTI program.

Enough said.


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39 thoughts on “Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron conveniently forgets a crucial fact in her defense of historic preservation consultant Peter Primavera

  1. The devil is in the details.

    1. And the devil is in the deputy mayor’s seat …

  2. She looks tired again. Lying is exhausting!

  3. Paul essentially gave the green light to bring him on board prior to becoming Mayor, in November of 2022. Therefore, Mr. Primavera had access to both Heather, who was the Village Manager at the time and also to Chris Rutishauser, the Village Engineer, Paul said this at the meeting where he was introduced. The plan of the Majority block, all along was to either delist the historical significance of some of the acreage or to move the house. This scheme was definitely in the works all along and even Pam stated that they were exploring options that previous councils had not considered. When you go back and listen to the recordings it becomes clear.

  4. I am sure if you dig into this guy’s past, you’ll come up with a lot more than just this.

  5. She was a federal prosecutor for years . . . not mentioning PTI wasn’t mistake on her part . . . the charges were, in fact, dismissed.

  6. These people are not to be trusted. Paul, the majority block council which is Pam, Evan and Siobahn, and this historic consultant which has proven to be a shady character. If someone has a messy personal life, given shady things like child care back payments or potential perjury and the PTI, even if it happened when he was in his early career, it sends a signal that where there is smoke, there is fire. This guy seems to be a mess so not sure why the council is sticking with him as it will likely burn them in the end.

  7. She also forgot about the proven Schedler history, which she defended before the Sports groups started paying to play.

  8. Like Peter Primavera, Pam is a flat out liar, greenwasher and preserves only her pockets, NOT RIDGEWOOD.

  9. Perron, LLC
    Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States · Attorney · Law Office of Pamela R. Perron, LLC
    Represented the UNITED STATES in complex medical malpractice, tort, and employment discrimination cases as well as in criminal matters.

    U.S. Attorney that overlooks a rap sheet and doesn’t know the definition of dismissal vs. pretrial plea…total BS…this is an intentional coverup. #theyflippedtheprosecutor

  10. Pam Pam Pam. The guy is a total SHYSTER. Why do you defend him so much?

    1. Can’t be a shyster because he is not an attorney. He is merely a criminal.

  11. This was money tossed right down the toilet. And Pammy does not want to admit it.

  12. just a bad person

  13. Can we see photos of the inside of the house.

  14. Watch Dog: Like Peter Primavera, maybe Pam fibbed on her experience and credentials. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

  15. Pam, you are pitiful. Why are you defending this idiot? Why?

  16. What a $h!tHole Ridgewood has become.
    Very Sad.

  17. Everybody should dress up in a clown suit for the next VC meeting.

  18. I mean Paul, I could see being super devious, but Pam? Just wait until they are told NO and they cannot do what this shyster, con man is instructing. Then it will take years and by that time, they will be out of office, the whole lot of them. Siobahn and her Soccer enthusiast husband can put a field somewhere else and the search will have to continue through our little hamlet. Siobahn may even become the go to informant for all things that involve Ridgewood or alternatively take up a side hustle picking up consultants from our Village Train station or from the RH bench near the station, while they wait. You just can’t make this stuff up!

  19. Let’s get something straight, while Mr. Primavera certainly has a colorful past and if proper vetting had been implemented as many Ridgewood residents urged the council to do, especially given that they are spending tax dollars to pay him, he is not a historic preservation consultant. He was hired to find a loophole as Pam suggested in January. Her words suggesting that he promised things other previous councils had not considered. What does that tell you. While I don’t believe Pam would ever try to run for a higher office, I do believe that Paul’s ego is huge and he will try. So when this backfires and it will. He should run and hide because there will be a ripple effect that will make him look really bad.

    1. He already did, and lost. Attached to his failed candidacy were the editor of TapInto and our new village manager.

  20. Paul wanted primavera. So OF COURSE Pam approved and defends She idolizes Paul.

  21. I have to say, I’m really surprised by PP, Pam not Peter. Even with the facts in hand she rubber stamps anything Pau-lie says. Really uncomfortable to watch.

    1. she was told by Paul that she has to agree with everything or else he will make it impossible for her to run again.. Thats a fact

    2. The new Gwen?

      1. God help us, please.

      2. Meaning, enamored of the sitting mayor just like Gwenn was?

        1. There are 2 other’s as well

  22. Pam and Evan are living up to what many warned about. Both are there to take up a seat, independent thinkers. But hey, they let her wave in the parade, plant daffodils and is kept busy with garbage cans.

    1. They are living up to the fact that they are useless individuals who are just a rubber stamp. Evan is completely useless and Pam is not far behind in that regard. The mayor and this majority block which includes Siobahn, obviously don’t care that they are not serving the whole village, but just special interest groups. They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off to get this field implemented. What a waste.

  23. What a Maroon!
    maroon (plural maroons) (slang, derogatory) An idiot; a fool.

  24. So, Pam, or her husband, is posting the so-called qualifications of our deputy mayor. Not impressed. She’s an idiot, no matter where she was educated. No matter what job she had. She is not good for Ridgewood. Can Pam

  25. The village is done.

  26. It is time for recall Paul and Can pam

  27. Liars and hypocrites on top of massive tax hikes.

  28. She is very smart and cunning. She didn’t conveniently forget anything, but as a lawyer, she is careful to not bring up anything that isn’t relevant. That being said, she has no compassion or empathy for anyone or anything professionally and just goes with the flow of what the Mayor and the majority block council members say and do, so she can vote accordingly. One day her conscience is going to catch up with her but the damage that this current council will have done will be a longtime legacy that we will never forget.

  29. I hope her a Paul-lie have clad prenups

  30. Just do a simple Google search and you will come up with tons of info on Mr. Primavera. The reason Pam isn’t saying anything is that it is a pile on as some unsavory details have come to light about this character and yet the VC continues to consult with him and pay him for finding a loophole to overturn the historical significance of the Schedler property so that a ball field can be constructed. This is all they care about. But if you search, he was arrested for back child support, perjury for which the PTI was required and probably more. It is only a matter of time before all of the skeletons come out of the closet and it will be an all out scandal. Definitely heading in that direction.

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