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Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron loses her cool at August 6 “Destination Ridgewood” events +Trash can FAIL

Van Neste Garbage Copy

the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Several readers of The Ridgewood Blog reported observing Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron in quite an agitated state during portions of the Sunday, August 6 “Destination Ridgewood” events.

Ms. Perron was said to have initially been upset that almost every trash can in Van Neste Memorial Park was full by early afternoon. She was even observed approaching an on-duty police officer to discuss the matter and picking up trash herself. Later in the day she pitched a fit when the music scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. didn’t start on time.

What can we say other than things obviously haven’t been going well for the Deputy Mayor of late and now it’s starting to show. Maybe Peter Primavera can offer her some stress management tips. He’s an expert on everything, right?

P.S.: Yes; that is Councilperson Siobhan Winograd sitting with her husband Michael right next to one of the new, $70K trash cans. Our photographer wasn’t able to ascertain whether Ms. Winograd realized the trash can was overflowing. [It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you’re having events in the park on both Saturday and Sunday, the cans have to be emptied on Sunday mornings. Duh?]

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23 thoughts on “Ridgewood Deputy Mayor Pamela Perron loses her cool at August 6 “Destination Ridgewood” events +Trash can FAIL

  1. She is human garbage.

    She is under Pee Wee’s spell somehow.

  2. SW is lucky a squirrel didn’t perch on top of the garbage and jump into her hair……………..

    1. Squirrels don’t go after every type of garbage.

  3. Perron is such a clueless, self important idiot. Why did she bother a cop about overflowing trash cans? Seriously? Shouldn’t she have the new Village Manager’s cell phone number in her speed dial? He’s the right person to bother; not the cops. She is really losing it. Time for a check up from the neck up Pam.

  4. No high heeled flip flops Siobhan?

  5. Isn’t asking a cop to do something about a non emergency situation a Faulkner Act violation?

  6. Pam and Siobhan. Hahahaha

  7. Why was she to the police? She should have called the new village manager.

  8. That garbage seems to be lots of recyclables. Did Pam Perron sort through the trash to save our planet?

  9. This picture is drop dead hilarious

    1. Spot on…best pic of the year !

  10. Maybe the cans were dumped thursday and they filled up fast

    Not the cans fault they fill fast

    Dpw should be on call and dumping during day when town is very busy

    Use your head people

    1. It’s not the DPW , it’s the parks department, they empty them everyday, including Sat and Sun.. They are Just too Small

      1. So another Nancy Bigios problem. The list is so long these last 6 years.

  11. I’m interested if Mrs. Due Diligence took a ride to another town and saw those undersized garbage cans on action.

  12. DPW is directed by our Village Engineer, need anyone say more.

  13. Overtime was nixed because the money was needed to supply the Sports Gods with a sports complex at Schedler. Rumor says layoffs are coming and employee moral is at an all time low. Good luck getting them to do anything else for the hand that slapped them.

  14. Those are not one of the new trash cans, the ones in the van neste park were always there

  15. Whether or not people support Pam Perron’s DM performance – can’t someone at least give props that she got her hands dirty and was picking up trash by herself? Granted, I wasn’t there but I have been to countless similar events and have never seen someone gathering overflow trash/litter. Give credit where credit is due. That specific effort is laudable and unrelated to everything else about her public profile.

  16. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they are too small…. Wine-O-Grad is far from a rocket scientist..

  17. I think this just signals the fact (loudly) that Ridgewood has some serious issues. No one is faulting the Village for trying to do nice things, but the priorities are all screwed up. As a Village, there are limited funds and we continue to bond and pay interest on monies. Yet the Mayor and VC majority are trying to put a ball field on a historic property. Money is going to their so-called “historic consultant” who has not done SH*#. Why because that is what they are paying him to do with taxpayer money. Yes, he will do EXACTLY what they want and they will pretend that he knows what he is talking about even though he has basically exaggerated his credentials. Is this shocking, no. It is obvious that the VC only cares about the sports community and will selfishly use funds that can be better spent on safety projects that make sense for the majority.

  18. Niche best places. Don’t think so.

  19. The d p w is one big joke now. What a mess. It’s so miss managed. The whole department went to shit in the past few years. Who the hell is in charge doesn’t anyone care, this new village manager needs to get his ass over to the department of public works and see what the hell is really going on. He should put his office over on Chestnut Street. What embarrassment. And I time bring a babysitter.

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