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Ridgewood Fire Department Celebrates it’s 125th Anniversary!

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, this year is a big year for the Ridgewood Fire department as it is it’s 125th anniversary! They are selling shirts to commemorate it and they are open to the public as well! If you are interested in a shirt, they are $20 cash or check just reach out if you know anyone that works at the fire department or feel free to stop by our headquarters at 201 E. Glen Ave! Checks should be made out to Ridgewood FMBA Local 47. Thank you and we hope to see a lot of our neighbors rocking these awesome shirts!

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3 thoughts on “Ridgewood Fire Department Celebrates it’s 125th Anniversary!

  1. Happy 125th Anniversary to the RFD.
    Keeping Ridgewood safe & proud of all the great Firefighters 🚒
    I can proudly say , my Dad( Ron Merritt) was a Fireman & inspector for the RFD.
    1960’s to 1983


  3. Thank God they went back to red and white trucks when they had that green it was ugly

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