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Ridgewood Fire Shares Public Safety Techniques with Police

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photos courtesy of Ridgewood Fire and Ridgewood Police

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on February 8th, Ridgewood’s Finest learned basic forcible entry or breaching techniques from Ridgewood Bravest.

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Firefighter breaching techniques are methods used by firefighters to gain access to buildings, vehicles, or other structures in emergency situations. These techniques are essential for rescuing occupants, extinguishing fires, and preventing further damage. Here are some common firefighter breaching techniques:

  1. Forcible Entry: Forcible entry is the process of forcefully opening doors, windows, or other barriers to gain access to a building. Firefighters use various tools such as hydraulic spreaders, pry bars, halligan bars, and battering rams to break locks, hinges, or door frames.
  2. Through-the-Lock Entry: Through-the-lock entry involves manipulating or bypassing the locking mechanisms of doors to gain entry without causing extensive damage. Firefighters may use lock bypass tools, lock picks, or specialized keys to unlock doors without the need for forcible entry.
  3. Cutting Operations: Cutting operations involve using power tools such as saws, rotary saws, or reciprocating saws to cut through metal, wood, or other materials obstructing access. Firefighters may use cutting techniques to breach walls, roofs, or vehicle compartments to reach trapped occupants or extinguish fires.
  4. Hydraulic Door Opening: Hydraulic door opening techniques utilize hydraulic tools such as hydraulic spreaders or hydraulic door openers to force doors open by spreading or prying them apart. These tools provide firefighters with significant leverage and force to quickly breach doors without causing excessive damage.
  5. Window Entry: Window entry techniques involve breaking or removing windows to gain access to a building or vehicle. Firefighters may use tools such as window punches, glass cutters, or pry bars to break glass or remove window frames safely.
  6. Vehicle Extrication: Vehicle extrication techniques are used to rescue occupants trapped inside vehicles involved in accidents or fires. Firefighters may use hydraulic rescue tools such as spreaders, cutters, or rams to cut through metal, remove doors, or pry apart vehicle components to extricate trapped occupants.
  7. Roof Operations: Roof operations involve gaining access to rooftops to ventilate smoke, conduct search and rescue operations, or attack fires from above. Firefighters may use ladders, aerial platforms, or rope systems to access rooftops safely.

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These are just a few examples of firefighter breaching techniques used in emergency situations. Proper training, coordination, and communication are essential to ensure effective and safe execution of these techniques during firefighting operations.

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4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Fire Shares Public Safety Techniques with Police

  1. My guess is that after several failed attempts to pry open the door, Officer Hefty was encouraged to imagine that it was a big blue refrigerator with a cheese pizza behind it. A cheap trick, yes, but it could one day save your life … unless there are several steps to your front door.

    1. Was that really necessary…?

      Save your sarcasm for Peewee and his friends.

      1. As necessary as a morbidly obese police officer, yes.

  2. Looking good Bros!

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