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Ridgewood Health Department has a Limited Supply of Covid 19 Vaccines for Ridgewood Residents

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Health Department has a limited supply of Covid 19 vaccines for Ridgewood residents. If you are a Ridgewood resident, you can email Leave your name, address, phone number, date of birth, reason you fit the qualification (age, COPD) race and ethnicity. Our Health Department is doing its best to administer them as quickly as possible. If they can schedule you for an appointment, they will email you. Please understand that this may take several weeks, and an appointment is not guaranteed.

Please also continue to look elsewhere for the vaccine. Ridgewood is not guaranteed a shipment of vaccine from the State at this time.
In addition, you can all 855-568-0545 for support at the State Health Department

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Health Department has a Limited Supply of Covid 19 Vaccines for Ridgewood Residents

  1. Don’t even bother.
    By the time the corrupt insiders at village hall grease all their family and friends there will be nothing for the tax payers…as usual.
    Put the needle down you crackheads and plow the streets!

  2. Ignoring the absolutely bizarre response, thank you so much for this information. I have emailed them.

  3. has anyone gotten the vaccine ? I am wondering about the experience , side effects ???

  4. Ethnicity?
    Covid knows your color?

  5. race and ethnicity ??

  6. How many people have died from the vaccine yet ?

  7. I know people who got their 1st shot today, and now have appointments made for their 2nd shots again at VOR . They definitely have appts for 2nd shots.
    I’ve been signed up since Jan.12 on NJ state, confirmed qualified, said continue to look anywhere else as there’s a shortage of shots everywhere. also signed up on Bergen County website, acknowledged, but no appts available now, vaccines not available. Also signed up on this . and confirmed, but no appts, no guarantee, continue looking elsewhere. Heard some Ridgewood seniors are in a senior group and in the know.
    Health dept. in Jan. said they hadn’t heard of any plans to host a vaccine clinic.
    So if you’re VOR senior (older) and with underlying conditions) qualify, some get it, and others don’t. Look elsewhere.

  8. Still waiting. In 67 years old have asthma and high blood pressure live in wood-ridge New Jersey no appointments available. Any knows where I can go?

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