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Ridgewood High School library gets 21st century update


Ridgewood High School library gets 21st century update

November 17, 2014    Last updated: Monday, November 17, 2014, 11:20 AM
By Jodi Weinberger
Staff Writer | The Ridgewood New

School leaders last week celebrated the opening of the Learning Commons at Ridgewood High School, a project driven by a multi-year effort from residents and the district to upgrade the decades-old library.

For months during construction, students had been sitting on the floors and in the cafeteria during their free periods without a space to study, but school officials said the wait was worth it.

“A little inconvenience brings us a great facility for all our students at Ridgewood High School,” said Superintendent Daniel Fishbein.

The space doubles the amount of seating, to 200 for students, providing them with cubby spaces to work independently and conferences rooms to work in groups.

Curved tables in the Commons’ open area were designed for more than just aesthetic appeal. They can fit together like puzzle pieces to accommodate large classes and can be pulled apart for just one or two students.

There is bar-style seating where kids can do homework and oversized comfy chairs and large colorful couches for reading.

The light from the library’s existing windows was maximized by lowering the height of the bookshelves. Windows were created facing out into the hallway to make the space seem even bigger.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood High School library gets 21st century update

  1. We need the upgrades for the influx of new children that going to come from the tenements that they are going to build in the CBD.

  2. The renovation is beautiful! Many thanks to all those involved, especially, but not limited to those that had the vision, worked so hard to raise the money and saw that enormous project through completion.

  3. This library is such a beautiful addition to our high school. Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

  4. Yes thank us taxpayers

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