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Ridgewood “Historic Preservation Consultant”, Says Move the House, Yep that’s the Ticket

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Ridgewood NJ, As if clear cutting hundreds of trees is not already bad enough , Peter Primavera of Peter Primavera Partners LLC  the controversial “historic preservation consultant” hired by the Ridgewood Village Council told the Council at Wednesday’s meeting that the circa-1825 Dutch American wood-frame house should be moved about 528 feet north to a yet-to-be-purchased single-family property at 510 West Saddle River Road, make room for the turf field slated for the Schedler Park Property on Route 17.

Gee… what could possibly go wrong with that? 

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12 thoughts on “Ridgewood “Historic Preservation Consultant”, Says Move the House, Yep that’s the Ticket

  1. When these fools win their election next year this will all come together. The majority of Ridgewood voters are idiots and deserve what they get. Oh yeah, enjoy that 10 percent tax hike next year on top of the 6 percent hike this year. I missed the biggest tax hike since 2008 in the queen idiot’s delusional “accomplishment” list.

  2. If you believe his story that the house can be moved for $25,000, I have a bridge that you might like to buy.

  3. Oh. My. God. Will the insanity never end? They will get the house onto some kind of flatbed trailer and it will collapse like a house of cards. Disgraceful.

  4. Pam said it months ago, that this council wanted to explore things that weren’t considered by previous councils in Ridgewood. Why, Pam? Because it is moronic and will cost a ridiculous amount of money to build a ballfield where it doesn’t below. Just look at the one in Ho-Ho-kus on Rt 17 that NO ONE uses. Why, because it is dangerous from a health perspective (particulates coming off of the highway) and loud. Where is Michael Moore these days because we need a documentary on the idiotic ideas that these schemers are coming up with all the while making it sound like a good plan and complimenting the historic sheister for thorough work. There was nothing thorough about his report. Did anyone actually read it. That is what we paid almost $7K for? This consultant is a BS artist in it with Paul, who will spin this to get what he wants to please his special interest audience as he thinks it will get him re-elected. If this story gets the right media attention, as it should, then greenwashing, environmental devastation by cutting acres of trees, unethical practices (using personal communications like email to reach out to people while you are mayor) and many other bad actor practices that will likely come out and can be OPRA’d, just wait.

  5. The Mayor let him go on for more time than anyone else who “testifies”. Over an hour and a half. How is that fair and then cut off public comments. This mayor is the biggest control freak and is displaying some very unprofessional and unethical mayoral behavior. He needs to be held accountable for his mis deeds. This has to stop.

  6. The approach to fighting this VC about Schedler has been wrong from the beginning. The 4 amigos clearly have no heart and are just zombies who will push through everything they have been asked for. This town is full of lawyers who could provide ideas or use legal means to frustrate their agenda through court processes , delays etc. but they do not care or are extremely liberal and can’t find the strength to confront 4 of their own. Instead everybody keeps yelling about PFAS, turf, rt 17, historical preservation etc.
    Good luck. You ain’t seen nothing yet from these gangsters.

  7. Just stop it with the “extremely liberal” as a general insult. What these people are doing is wrong, period.

    1. It is not an insult, it is the reality of local and national politics. Gangsters who push agendas without a care what their opposition thinks. Extreme liberals push extreme ideas and projects that are completely wrong and opposite to reason, yet they go and hurt everyone including their own. If I were to insult them I would say they’re mentally sick who should be nowhere near to making decisions for other people.

  8. just sell the entire plot of land and let the POS house be demolished.

  9. The real bottom line here, once again, is that someone will lose their life if a ball field is built here. Route 17 is too close, balls fly too far, and kids run without thinking. Just wanted to be on the record, one more time, so someone will have it to use in a future lawsuit. Council, take notice.

  10. Maybe they should put their razing old houses on Ice and avoid building out an exercize field with built in Co2 from hundreds of thousands of trucks and car roaring by.That’s a future lawsuit when kids claim COPD DAMAGES as they enter cig and weed regiments

    Let them use current fields move up
    Starting Times in spring & play 7 inning games until school is out . Dads go to work the kids can chose sides or learn about leadership on practice games .

    1. My kids and grandkids have and currently do play ball. I see no shortage of fields. When they arrive to play, either another game is finishing up, or no one is there. Where is the shortage for a fixed, pretty static population of 25-26,000? Make use of, and improve, what we have.

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