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Ridgewood Infant Toddler Development Program , Reader Questions the Whole Deal

“Technically, when this problem of taxpayers paying to educate pre-schoolers at a rather substantial financial loss came up, it was also illegal for a school district to offer a pre-school taking away from public providers. This has been pussy footed around–we all know about the board going to court to prevent retiring the old members at the appropriate time–and this apparently was another of their boon doggles. To top it off, they kicked out the profitable to us private school that had been using the facility to allow us to take losses with them gone. Is it just me, or does something smell about this whole deal?”

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Infant Toddler Development Program , Reader Questions the Whole Deal

  1. shocking that the prior BOE has once again mismanaged tax payer money. hopefully the new BOE members will correct this.

  2. Hyun Ju Kwak and Saurabh Dani tried to tight this wrong. Sadly Senseless Sheila, Creepy Chris, and Mousey Mike do not have the spine to stand up to Devious Dan.

  3. Stand up man more details pls

  4. Well, Chris doesn’t think anyone who doesn’t have kids in RPS should have an opinion about how their tax dollars are spent. He doesn’t want anyone without a child at ITDC to weigh in on this ongoing grossly irresponsible debacle even though it’s your money being used here.

  5. Chris is worse than the fireman.

  6. Chris doesn’t even read the agenda before showing up for the meeting.
    He doesn’t understand the topic that’s being discussed. He is a good man but he is being played by Fishbein because he doesn’t do his homework.

  7. This seems like an overreaction. In the public board meeting, the district business manager clearly outlined how the ITDC paid back all of the funds borrowed to float the program on two separate occasions years ago. There was no net loss to the district. This year’s deficit is due to the Covid emergency, and many Ridgewood teachers and siblings of Ridgewood students rely on this program.

  8. Actually, I find the new Cris Kaufman to be a breath of fresh air. He has his own voice, tries to build bridges, and is engaged in what is best for the students. He listens to both sides and does not appear to come to the meeting with an agenda of his own. Bravo Cris, thank you for representing the community and putting the students first. I also think he was correct to say that the voices of the families that use the program are more important than the three people who are trying to kill it. Dani all but called them out by name.
    Dani misunderstands attending meetings with volunteering to support the schools. Supporting the schools does not always equate to agreeing with the Superintendent.

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