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Ridgewood Man Claims He Swerved to Avoid a Fox and Hit A Utility Pole in Glen Rock

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Glen Rock NJ, according to the Glen Rock Police a Ridgewood man was issued summonses after he struck a utility pole in Glen Rock and left the scene of the accident. He told officers later that he had swerved to avoid a fox.

Chief of Police Dean Ackermann reported that Glen Rock police arrived at the 400 block of Maple Avenue near Clifton place around 9 p.m. on Wednesday to investigate reports of a car accident. A large group of people were standing near a utility pole, and told police that a Dodge Charger had “hit the pole, backed up, and then drove away with extensive front end damage and a flat tire,”

A trail of tire and skid marks and the smell of burnt rubber led officers down Ackermann Avenue to Broad Street into Ridgewood.  With the help of Ridgewood Police officers located the car in the parking lot at 112 N. Maple Avenue.

The owner of the car was located by police and admitted to officers that he’d been driving the vehicle,  swerved to avoid a fox in the road before he hit the utility pole. The car was in an unsafe condition to drive,  and was towed from the parking lot.

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  1. Pants on fire!

  2. What does the fox say?

  3. What was her name?

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