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Ridgewood Mayor And Partners Control Much of the Real-Estate in the Central Business District Creating a Clear Conflict of Interest

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a conflict of interest refers to a situation in which an individual or entity has competing professional or personal interests that could potentially compromise their impartiality, objectivity, or judgment in making decisions or fulfilling their responsibilities. It arises when there is a clash between an individual’s personal interests and their professional obligations or fiduciary duties. When navigating real estate transactions, such as south carolina homes for sale myrtle beach, it is crucial to be vigilant about potential conflicts of interest to ensure transparency and fair dealings.

Conflicts of interest can occur in various contexts, including business, politics, law, journalism, medicine, academia, and public service. They can involve financial interests, relationships, loyalties, or other circumstances that may create a bias or influence the decision-making process.

The presence of a conflict of interest does not necessarily imply unethical behavior, but it raises concerns about the fairness and integrity of decision-making processes. To mitigate conflicts of interest, individuals and organizations often establish policies, guidelines, or codes of conduct to disclose, manage, or avoid such conflicts. Transparency and disclosure are crucial in addressing conflicts of interest and maintaining public trust and confidence.

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During the Pedestrian Plaza, all of the streets from Walnut Street to Broad Street, along East Ridgewood Avenue, including the side streets of Oak Street, Chestnut Street, and Prospect Street, will be closed to vehicular traffic.  There will be activities, classes, children’s activities, carnival rides, bands, and performers throughout the Pedestrian Plaza on both days.  Many Eateries will have chairs and tables in the street, and several retail merchants will have merchandise for sale in the streets.  Parking is available in the Hudson Street Garage (on the corner of Broad Street and Hudson Street), in the Prospect Street lot, in the Chestnut Street lot, in the Walnut Street lot, and in the Cottage Place lot.  Come to shop, dine, and enjoy at the Pedestrian Plaza this season.

Its seems Gilsenan and Mayor Paul Vagianos are partners. That makes all projects and properties owned by Gilsenan a conflict of interest for the Mayor. By the look of things, Paul should be recused from ALL CBD and Valley matters.

Coincidentally, the same streets Mayor Paul Vagianos’s businesses and properties are located. I’m also sending a picture of Paul’s 2022 pedestrian plaza set up. He spilled onto Ridgewood Avenue, wrapped around the corner onto Chestnut.

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12 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor And Partners Control Much of the Real-Estate in the Central Business District Creating a Clear Conflict of Interest

  1. Why is nothing being done about this? What can be done? Sounds fishy

  2. Because even though he is a Nice guy, Matt is clueless and scared of Pee Wee

  3. Oh boy sounds pretty fishy is correct. Plus the fact that the pedestrian plaza is fairly quiet in the evening anyway. Certainly doesn’t look packed as they probably expected. The Pandemic is over, this should be done on a sporadic basis like a sidewalk sale. A once in a while treat.

    1. If what you are saying is true, the NJ state political corruption unit would be very interested in pursuing this allegation.

  4. Good luck

  5. I can only guess that the NJ State Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin is a known comrade of the Mayor. However, his office should be looking at this obvious conflict of interest. You have to give it to the Greek, he is transparent in his views and intentions…in spite of the law.

    1. AG is focused on suing middletown board of ed for trying to protect kids and parents from full out indoctrination

  6. This should be looked into to asap.

  7. Listen with all the bullshit that’s going on in Ridgewood, do you sell a favor sell your house while you can get a dollar move to another town or move down south. There are so many better towns around Ridgewood run better, better schools, Ridgewood is just so overrated now. Yes years ago it was great, and now there’s so much competition, so why pay all the taxes for what

    1. CORRECT.
      Ridgewood USED TO BE Special.

      It’s been on the decline for the past 20 years (at least)

      It’s slow and gradual, but consistent.

      FINALLY, people are starting to see the results of this erosion.

  8. What’s more, a PERCEIVED conflict of interest is considered sufficient for an elected official recuse him/herself from any related matter.

    Well, I think we perceive it now.

    We said when he was running that he had so many fingers in the pie, and would have to recuse himself from so many issues, that it didn’t even make sense for him to run.

    He ran, he won, he’s the mayor, he’s clueless…and unless this is handled promptly, ideally with him thrown off the dais and fined…we are screwed, as he and his builder pals destroy what’s left of the town.

  9. Unless he has an “R” next to his name and is perceived to be a threat he will be given a pass.

    This is the corrupt state we live in.

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