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Ridgewood Mayor Aronsohn disregards “No dogs in the Park ” Ordinance


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April 28,2016

Anne Loving

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Aronsohn After stating that my question would be answered “at the end of public comments” this evening, you then chose to ignore my question and end the meeting. Even when I attempted to remind you that I had an unanswered question, you refused to follow through on your word that questions would be answered and allow the Village Attorney to address the issue.
No problem, I answered it myself by looking at the Village Code (pasted below).  As I already knew, dogs are prohibited from most Village parks, so you as well as anyone else who had dogs at the event last Sunday were in violation.  How convenient that you chose to ignore my question rather than admit at the public meeting that you broke the law.  And for your information most, if not all, of these parks have signs stating this law.

As I indicated, I completely disagree with this ordinance and firmly believe that dogs should absolutely be allowed in all Village Parks.  It is my experience that humans create much more waste in parks than dogs do, as witnessed by the countless cigarette butts, soda cans, candy wrappers, and water bottles that are found scattered about.  In general, I think dog-owners tend to be very cautious about picking up after their pets.  Many towns even provide “poopie bag” dispensers to make clean-up extra convenient.
I would love to see this ordinance rescinded.  But until or unless that happens, dogs are prohibited in the parks listed below.  It is always good to know – and obey –  the local laws, especially when you are an elected official.

§ 212-29Dogs.

Dogs are hereby prohibited from certain parks as follows: Citizens Park, Graydon Park, Maple Park, Pleasant Park, Twinney Pond Park, Van Neste Park and Veteran’s Memorial Field.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor Aronsohn disregards “No dogs in the Park ” Ordinance

  1. Do as I say… no surprise here

  2. Towns going to the Dogs anyway..time to make them legit,

  3. Ordinaces schmordinaces!!!

  4. Habernickel not mentioned. Guess nobody updated the ordinance. Or any ordinance.

  5. Aronsohn is such a moron. He is almost done. Oh thank God. The three of them knew that they would never get elected again so they “decided” not to run again.

  6. Embarrassing all around, Mayor know the and obey the rules like everyone else, Anne Loving for calling out the mayor over walking his dog, smh.

  7. Embarrassing all around, Mayor know the rules and obey just like everyone else, Anne Loving for calling out the mayor over where he walked his dog, SMH….

  8. Dude, get a life

  9. Anne Loving was saying that the ordinance should be changed because dogs should be allowed in the park. In fact she asked that the ordinance be changed. She has dogs herself.

    But her point was….she asked the question as to whether an ordinance prohibiting dogs in parks. Aronsohn refused to answer the question. This is Aronsohn’s typical MO, to just ignore members of the public. Told her to sit down. Rude, uncivil, as usual.

    Yep, this is a minor issue. But all the minor infractions and rudenesses by our Mayor add up. He ignores the small laws and he ignores the big laws. He sabotoges Mike Sedon’s campaign (unsuccessfully thank god) and he gets away with it. He absolutely does not think any rules apply to him.

  10. Dogs…should be allowed and if…the owner is found not to obey the rules of keeping on as leash and picking up..then they should be fined at least 250.00…it is the owner not the dogs fault…not all owners want their dog I a sick infested dog park, with bad mannered dogs…What are we suppose to do with them…Poor things

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