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Ridgewood Mayor Aronsohn endorses….?

Ridgewood Village Council Election
photos courtesy of Melanie McWilliams
April 14,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Perhaps some residents Leaving the village hall Couldn’t help but notice the mayors car had some pretty distinctive campaign information strategically placed in the rear window.

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Please take these events serious only a few votes in 2012 launched the Village into this disastrous mess.

2012 Ridgewood Election Results
Albert J. Pucciarelli – 2078

Keith Killion – 1711

Rissell R Forenza – 817

Paul Aronsohn – 2479

Mary Jane Shinozuka – 1484

Gwenn H Hauck – 1727

Final voting registration for the May 10th Municipal Election is April 19th.  To register to vote, individuals may register in the Village Clerk’s office from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM or in the Ridgewood Library Lobby on April 19th from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

34 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor Aronsohn endorses….?

  1. No surprise – there’s a “Weitz for Council” sign in front to the Deputy Mayor’s house on Cottage Place.

  2. Geez Melanie was stalking Paul apparently given the picture above….. creepy.

  3. I wonder when he’s putting Brooks and Hache signs back there. We all know the are all on the same page. Same parties same crew same busy bodies slapping their signs up.

  4. Well played, mayor. Draw attention to the 2 that have zero chance at winning to get people to stop talking about everything that is wrong about Brooks and Heche.

  5. Well, Gwennie already hammered a few nails in to Brooks coffin when she endorsed him.
    I mean, his wife is true planning board attorney who landed us in the mess we are in with Valley. All while being married to Rich Brooks- they’re PRO valley renewal!! How the hell do these conflicts of interest keep happening with zero concern.
    Either way, thank God for Walsh and Voigt. We have a prayer in May.

  6. Stalking??? or taking a photo of the mayors vehicle with political endorsements in a contentious election season after leaving a public meeting..? I saw them both there. Hardly stalking. Hardly creepy.

  7. Maybe the deputy mayor can write another one of his awesome ordinances banning taking photos of the mayors car. “It’s just not civil”. lol GREAT photo. Thanks Melanie! For real- thank god we have some people who will continually work to get the truth out around here. I think this is great.

  8. It would be so easy to figure out who the Paul defenders are here given that there are all of 6 of you left in town. Paul being one and 2others site next to him on the Dias…. He is in effect endorsing candidates. Why should we know that? If he’s willing to put it on his car he should be willing to have it talked about.
    I agree that he’s trying to take attention away from the other 2 and the fact that people don’t like them!!

  9. Melanie stalking Paul? Oh my goodness, you are desperate Mr. Mayor. Your car is driving around in public with bumper stickers that you want everyone to see. Such a photo is totally legal. Maybe you would like Pucciarelli to write an ordinance prohibiting the photographing of car bumpers unless it is announced in advance and unless a disclaimer is written on the photograph.

  10. why didn’t Melanie run? She would have cleaned up. That’s the only thing I see wrong here.

  11. Melanie has alienated a lot of people with the way she manages her FB groups, plus how generally impolite she is. Some people really like that feistiness, but many many others do not…

  12. That may be, but at least she gets out there and does something. Many many others do not. Doesn’t afford them a huge amount of room to complain.
    I like her and her feistiness. Her fb groups are garage sale sites right? You would base your choice for a candidate on a garage sale site rather than the fact that she actually bothers to do it at all, or that she’s feisty. Sounds like you’re a large part of the problem.
    I’ve met her several times and she’s one of the most genuine people. She’s truly involved in the community and is a really nice person.
    If you know her from a computer, and comment blindly here, why not have a conversation with her?

  13. Melanie and Albert actually have a lot in common…Hypersensitive to perceived slights…Attack and bully their opponents…Jump to conclusions with no evidence… Exaggerate like crazy…A “nice person” doesn’t behave like that…She’s not the type of person I would ever want on the council, even if she is right on most of the issues…We’ve had enough of that personality with Albert…Much prefer Jeff and Bernie…

  14. Being a straight shooter and impolite is better than being polite with hidden agenda. I like Christie and I like her for the same reason.

  15. I agree. And so do most people I know. Never seen or heard her exaggerate and she’s shown she’s the opposite of hypersensitive.
    And if she IS right on most issues where is your argument?
    Regardless, i can’t find many that don’t like her. Like anyone she has her naysayers, but she’s liked. There’s no doubt about that. She should have run. Her honesty on this council would have been exactly what is in order.

  16. She’s been here forever and she fights for what’s right. Doesn’t care about who it bothers. I think she’s great. She’s not running so who cares anyway.
    Basically you’re just attacking someone who does more than you for no reason! Move on!

  17. ok.. back to the Mayor’s endorsement. Is he not endorsing Brooks?

  18. i’m a neighbor and think melanie is great as an activist and does a lot of real good for the village and has many great qualities as people have said.
    but she would be a terrible politician! takes everything VERY personally. has a nasty, mean, vindictive streak. ive experienced it in person, and witnessed it on fb at least a dozen times. wouldnt want to cross her once she had real power

  19. Anyone know if Brooks has a website? Couldn’t find it online.

  20. Yes this is creepy stalking.

  21. Also, I completely agree that taking a photo of a car in public does not make someone a stalker. Same sort of silly logic that Albert, Gwenn, and Paul have made about filming a meeting being “threatening” or “uncivil”.

  22. 4:13 Just by the shear fact that you went after her i know exactly who you are AND I know Melanie too. And I know both of you pretty well. Just so you’re aware, people say the exact same thing about you. Only you do your nasty bidding under the guise of being a good Christian. But very few people are fooled. And you have been behind a few nasty Facebook issues yourself. You hide. She doesn’t.
    What gets said about you by people you call friends is no better and you’re known for your leaving a trail of problems in your wake too. Just so you know…

  23. Mayor endorsing Brokks too I would think, just maybe no signs available yet..?

  24. Umm. 4:13 I’m a neighbor too and you have always disliked Melanie and gone out of your way to be mean. To her and many others. It’s obvious you would say anything to be mean and try to damage her name. So your opinion is sort of discounted.

  25. That’s some commitment to the cause, placing the sticker in the window rather than sticking them on the bumper.

  26. Great. Seven now encountered the 3 people left in town who like Paul and the 3 people who don’t like Melanie. Moving on to the issues…

  27. S Frapz probably because he isn’t even remotely that committed to Ridgewood. I predict he’s outta here before the general election.

  28. Stalking? Really? In a public parking lot. Sounds like Gwenn posting that one.

  29. 5:01 and 5:05pm
    yeah im not the neighbor youre thinking of. good christian?that’s the last thing anyone would say about me!
    maybe it says something about melanies personality that she has somany disputes going on???she needs to take a long look in the mirror and recogmixe the bullying nasty way she treats other people. right or wrong on issues treating people like that not ok

  30. Brooks, Hache, Weitz and Willett it is. Thanks for letting me know.

  31. 7:27 – Well, first of all there are only four open seats. You plan to cast votes for four? Ummm it does not work that way. Second, do not vote for Brooks, Weitz, or Willett if you want a continuation of the mess we have been in for four years. Let’s end the gridlock and get some independent thinkers on the council. Aronsohn-Pucciarelli-Hauck have been an obstacle to open dialog. They are promoting these three in order to continue this “two party” system. Please, vote thoughtfully and do not vote automatically for those three. Or at least not all three of them. Hache, yes, he is completely independent. Definite good choice.

  32. 7:38am – Patty is proxying for RS. Don’t bother responding to her. She is her FaceBook friend and has been posting irrelevant rants on facebook.

  33. 7:38 can she count? Last time I looked there were 3 seats open unless we are voting for the Village Manager position.

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