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Ridgewood Mayor’s periodic “COVID Report” being questioned


by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Heads up readers. There is some question about the COVID case data Mayor Susan Knudsen has been posting periodically on Facebook.  Some residents are suggesting that the data may be erroneous or, God forbid, bogus at worst.

For example, there were 14 COVID new positive cases in the Ridgewood schools alone last week.  The mayor reported the total number of new Village positive cases as being 14.  Residents are saying that can’t possibly be correct.  That is, no new cases outside of the schools?

The Ridgewood Blog is expecting the Mayor’s office to issue a clarification statement sometime later today.

We will keep you posted as best we are able to.

7 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor’s periodic “COVID Report” being questioned

  1. Fat chance she’ll respond. We never heard about her own Covid shot drama. So much for transparency.

  2. Most reporting of Covid nationwide since this started has been suspect.

  3. Who cares – the town has a 98% vaccination rate of 18+

  4. Any updates?

  5. What was “her own Covid shot drama”? Why would people know about her personal stuff? These posts are getting weirder and weirder.

    1. because she posted all over Facebook

  6. And still no updates? Must keep her honest.

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