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Ridgewood Merchants See Uptick in Traffic and Business First Weekend after Pedestrian Plaza Discontinued

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file photo by Boyd Loving  , no more pedestrian plaza

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, so this weekend was the first weekend since the pedestrian mall was discontinued and the central business district was jumping . The village seemed to have its old swagger back . Customers seemed to be able to find parking spaces , the annual  sidewalk sale seemed to draw them in in big numbers . Takeout , pickup and drop off flourished.  The weather moderated and many local merchants made their numbers for the first time in a while. All the amazing events in Van Neste park are still taking place and many restaurants saw overflow crowds in the evening.

There was even talk of an revitalized downtown Ridgewood which could lead to more shoppers and more shop keepers . Our own unscientific polling put the shopping mix at 20% local Ridgewood resident shoppers and diners and 80% out of towners . Several merchants confirmed our guesstimates.

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8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Merchants See Uptick in Traffic and Business First Weekend after Pedestrian Plaza Discontinued

  1. Figured that the morons who pushed the pedestrian plaza in the first place would soon spin its closure as being the catalyst to the CBD’s rebirth. The spin doctors came out sooner than I expected though.

  2. This is rich. Glad the businesses are doing better. The stupid mayor and his Mouseketeers should be ashamed

  3. Hahaha Paulie and Pam and Siobhan. Pedestrian mall was a FAILURE

    1. Yes and they will Never admit it !!

    2. Don’t forget useless Evan !!

  4. All the money they spent on barricades,

  5. Bad idea. It’s not 2020 where everyone needed to be outside because of a pandemic. PV made a load of money then, selling his crap food to dozens of tables all over the Avenue. He thought it would be the same, and obviously it wasn’t. And those stupid corrals. Again, it’s not 2020, idiots. From Steel Wheel to Park West and everyone in between Give back the parking and save your coins.

  6. We noticed the uptick as we were driving across Ridgewood Avenue on Saturday. Remarkable increase in activity. Town looked vibrant again.

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