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Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group in Election Chaos

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, just a thought, how can a candidate that was an administrator of a Facebook community page (up until recently) effectively represent the Village residents in total when she’s excluded those whom she doesn’t like and those who don’t conform to her opinions?

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The page was run so strictly that the candidate (admin) didn’t even allow residents to discuss information on COVID on that page.

A reader commented , “Steve Friedes is all over Facebook trying to do damage control. a pretty big story. Winograd resigned as administrator of Ridgewood Moms and Dads due to running for Village Council. Then a few weeks later on September 20 new unknown admin appeared. No name attached to the admin.

A reader commented : “A few days ago Ridgewood,

Moms and Dads allowed political posts even though their rules prohibit political posts. Everyone calling Friedes out for breaking the page rules.

Residents report Winograd and her supporters were posting campaign messages all over moms and dads, posting like crazy. Attacking Knudsen.

According to sources and other Facebook pages Knudsen was totally blocked from the mom and dad page. Not right.

Don’t vote for Winograd.”

By the way this is the same person who duped residents working tirelessly to take away the school budget vote.

8 thoughts on “Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group in Election Chaos

  1. I’ve been on that page. Knudsen and van Goor both posting some complete lies.

    1. I am calling BS on this even though I cant see the page ’cause I’ve already been thrown off/banned a few times and it doesnt even come up in my searches any more. (LOL)

  2. Was wondering why that page became such a mess, never believed she was removed as admin. The page is so one sided it makes the Ridgewood blog centralist. The soccer mom minions are out in full to control your thoughts and speech.

  3. Facebook is not the real world.
    TikTok is not the real world.
    Twitter is not the real world.
    Ridgewood is often not the real world.

  4. Winograd Is a looser. She has no clue what she is doing. She is a Paul Vagianos minion.

  5. Its their page, they can do what they want. They can say no politics, then they can allow posts from AL, JJ, LS and others about topics that become political, then they suspend/block/kick out anyone that disagrees with them. and they call themselves kind, please

  6. Yes. Friedes and Winograd can do what they want. It is their page. Just like the tapinto bull**** pulled last year when the editor failed to disclose his involvement with Vagianos campaign. Too late. Damage done.

    Ridgewood moms dads is no different. Isn’t Friedes doing exactly the same thing? Doesn’t he owe Ridgewood an explanation and an apology? Was Winograd a hidden administrator? Did Winograd remove Knudsen? The mayor?

    Does Friedes think Ridgewood residents are naive? He obviously does.

    It is the job of the good and decent people of Ridgewood to resist the temptation to join these ridiculous groups. Get outside and get a life. Interact with real people. No one should feel the need to be validated or even manipulated by two arrogant wanabees like winograd and friedes.
    Alert you rneighbors . e

  7. I sent a letter to the Ridgewood News supporting Knudsen and Van Goor. No response and never printed.

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