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Ridgewood News Ad Shows Out of Scale Picture of Hudson Parking Garage

hudson Garage Ridgewood News Ad

photo by Melanie McWilliams‎

Ridgewood News Ad  Shows Out of Scale Picture of Hudson Parking Garage
March 13.2016
the staff of the Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood Nj, Many readers point out the complete discrepancies discovered regarding the scale and measurements of this photo. The village green roof line is made to look significantly larger than it is. It is approximately 24 feet tall give or take a few feet. The place on the garage that meets that point is significantly distorted to make the garage look smaller than it actually is.

View 3 Looking West on Hudson Street copy revised 4 1
photo by Saurabh Dani
This photo would have you thinking the village green and the garage are similar in size. For a reference point, the lights shown on the garage are 11 feet.
During the recent HPC meeting it was called  “Planes” this… and “Sight line” that.. when Councilwoman Knudsen tried to suggest adding labels or height markers so it would be more clear, she was summarily dismissed.
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photo by Saurabh Dani
The claim is that it is because of the “plane”. Say whatever you want. It’s out of proportion. Giving viewers a sense that if the garage really was going to be this small, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad. Do NOT be fooled. And please feel free to pass this information along to anyone who might be fooled by the ad in today’s paper.

22 thoughts on “Ridgewood News Ad Shows Out of Scale Picture of Hudson Parking Garage

  1. This should be seen for what it is..A blatant lie to illustrate the scale of a non conforming neighborhood busting boondoggle..oh and please write and check for 20 Mill for the privilege of new out of town commuters and restaurant owners Go Big plans,no thanks

  2. Stop sign is a giant in front of the view of the front door of the village green entrance.Scaled to deceive..why not..VOR CITIZENS ARE JUST SHEEP FOR SHEARING BY MERCHANTS WHO WILL BE ON THE HOOK FOR 30 years.

  3. Please update the article – the cars parked on the right side of the street (north side of the street) are wrong. They will NOT be there with the new garage. The direction of traffic will also change. So this picture is wrong on so many points.

  4. They are using perspective as an excuse for misinformation.

    Shame on the architects. They photoshop their image onto a photo of the street and pretend that it is all ok. Don’t they have software that will enable them to maintain the scale of both images?

    Village Green looks to be 2/3 the size of the new garage. The peak of Mt Carmel looks taller than the massive brick structure. . Mt Carmel is not a solid wall of stone. The peak is a small architectural feature of the church.

    The three council members have a lot of residents who disagree with the plan. We have an election coming up. Stop spending money on this and let the next council deal with it.

  5. I don’t see how these 3 criminals show their faces around town once this is over…

  6. 9:26 – you mean FOUR?

  7. Went shopping in town on saturday it was very busy and had no problem finding parking. Spent at least 90 minutes walking around town and would say from what i saw a garage is a waste of money, if people are not willing to walk a couple of blocks this monstrosity that is being forced on the people of the village will be a failure.

  8. Why doesn’t “perspective” ever work th the garage’s disadvantage.

    All the mock-ups make the garage look smaller than the neighbors. Where is the mock-up that makes the garage look the correct size or even bigger? One way mistake.

  9. I have never not found parking in town. Ever.

  10. 12.22 suggest park and walk a bit. Might get some exersize before eatig and shopping..try side block of stop and shop. 3 hour street parking usually available free

  11. My parking complaint is not downtown but at the library. I have literally had to give up and go to a different library because people attending sports events had taken all the parking spaces. Or to “park at my own risk” because they are playing a baseball game–allowing that was a crime. What did they think would happen if they put a big baseball field right next to the parking lot?

    I am not willing to park along Maple Ave., which should never have been allowed there, or to park illegally at Kings and cross Maple on foot without a light. The crosswalk is not enough.

  12. There have been numerous suggestions that a second tier should be built in the parking lot behind the library and Village Hall. Not only could we use more parking there but during heavy rains ( possible flooding ) employee vehicles and police cars could park at the higher level. They are so hell bent on building the garage at Hudson Street, that all other issues are going unaddressed.

  13. 12.37…all excellent points….good luck.

  14. 12:37 Are you suggesting the crosswalk is insufficient for you to cross safely after parking illegally?
    That must be Ridgewood logic.

  15. I never go to the RWD library because they never EVER have any book I want. I always have to get books filled on interlibrary loans. Lots of technology and pretty paint and artwork, not much books.

  16. We all get milk and decent coldcuts and meat groceries at Kings them return a library book in the same run.its called being a good neighbor and customer. That crosdwalk is a death trap with police 800 yards up street

  17. 12:34, I think you missed 12:22’s double negative: “I have NEVER NOT found parking in town.” That is, I have always found parking.

  18. I have seen too many close calls to feel comfortable using that crosswalk.

  19. 12:22 – me either! In 30 years of living here, I have ALWAYS found parking! We must be the only two people in the Village who can find parking! Or maybe we just don’t mind walking through our beautiful Village>

  20. Notice in that full page ad they listed Susan and Michael FIRST?

  21. How about an image of the garage that gives us an idea of what the next to largest option would look like?

  22. Lois Fisher, well tried. You won’t be able to make this election all about design D and divert attention from the main issues of Brooks being spouse of Gail Price, Weitz being new to the town, and Willet running on a block vote with Brooks and Weitz will act like Hauck.

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