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Ridgewood officials in budget talks

Ridgewood officials in budget talks
Wednesday February 27, 2013, 3:59 PM
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — Suggesting the process employed by the village in crafting its annual budget was flawed, Mayor Paul Aronsohn this week proposed officials take a different approach when developing a spending plan.

Village officials keen on a zero-percent tax increase learned Monday they would have to slash more than $1.5 million in spending before such a budget can be adopted.

The flat-tax spending plan was one of three options presented Monday to the council during the first of several budget sessions.

The first option increases last year’s $45.2 million budget by 1.1 percent, with a projected municipal tax increase of 3.4 percent. Two village employees would lose their jobs under that plan, which also called for the restructuring of other departments, Village Manager Kenneth Gabbert said.

A second plan would keep spending flat, but not without cutting $500,000 in spending. A third plan, which would not increase municipal taxes for residents, requires an additional $1.5 million in cuts and an increase in revenues.

All options could require layoffs or staff cuts, but Mayor Paul Aronsohn said he wants to avoid that “at all costs.”

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