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Ridgewood Police Department Gets Three New Officers

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photos courtesy of the Ridgewood blog

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Police Department swore in  three new Police Officers: Lukasz Adamkiewicz, Joseph Misilmeri and Adam Collura, who will start the Bergen County Police Academy Friday .

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11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Department Gets Three New Officers

  1. wow…village mgr continuing to act like a co-mayor

    1. Well he sure dresses better

  2. Are these additional officers, or are we losing some existing officers to promotions etc?

  3. I wonder if Collura is related to the Fair Lawn cop that got shot and killed many years ago, Mary Ann Collura ?

  4. Who’s retiring?

    1. I heard at least 4 guys are retiring.

  5. This smart, put your timing get the hell out.

  6. Observe the body language of all the assembled. First, which one of these things is not like the other? Second, why would a man stand like that, and what does it seem like they’re protecting, and thus projecting?

    1. Those pants cuffs look like they were fitted for North Korean Generals…

  7. Well, congratulations on the ones that are retiring. That’s the new logo what time and get out, because it’s not worth staying a day longer, nobody gives two shits about anybody. There are no more heroes, everyone is just a number. And believe me they want you out, there’s no more loyalty. Please it’s all bullshit. One big smoke screen.

    1. “That’s the new logo”

      It’s called KMA day

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