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Ridgewood Police Department Responds to Rash of Mail Box Break-ins

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photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page 

Theft From Mailboxes :

The Ridgewood Police department and the U.S. Postal Police are currently investigating unlawful mailbox entries in Ridgewood’s central business district. These thefts have also occurred in surrounding towns, the Ridgewood Police Department is advising anyone who may have placed mail in mailboxes in the Central business District from 12/30/18- 12/31/18 to check with the intended recipients of the mail as the items may not have been successfully delivered. Affected parties should also monitor their credit reports and bank accounts for any suspicious activities. If you determine you are a victim of a crime, please report it to the Ridgewood Police Department immediately. If you have any information regarding these thefts please contact the Ridgewood Police Detective Bureau at 201- 251-4537.

6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Department Responds to Rash of Mail Box Break-ins

  1. With the removal of the outside drop-off boxes and parking rules enforced by a full time ticket writer who hangs out a block away, the Ridgewood Post Office has become unusable. No way am I paying 25 cents for the privilege of mailing a 50 cent letter

  2. I mail my letters in Ko Ko Hus.

  3. photo looks like side of the towns rite aid corner store .

    I case anyone dropped any payments there.dump and dash move since the tow hates their shoppers and commerce opportunities with epic meter rates and harsh ticket writers.Their job ofcourse.Our job is to limit exposure to their harsh laws and ticket writing efforts.

    we get the message Ridgewood..stop shop and dash
    at your own risk and about those across the white line violations ..those really take the cake for visitors from other towns…never see them again..that will teach those fools..

  4. what’s a “letter”? What’s a “mailbox”?

  5. Ho-Ho-Kus for me too!! Ridgewood is awful now .Lived here for 72 years and can’t wait for my retirement home to be finished! I’m out of here.

  6. Ho Ho Kus is Right Town hates its taxpayers And SHOPPERS idiots at Helm

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