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Ridgewood Police Officer Steven Shortway Retires after 25 years

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police Officer Steven Shortway retires after 25 years of service to the Village of Ridgewood.

Officer Shortway comes from a long line of public servants who have served our community for decades.
During his 25 years, he served in the Detective Bureau and has been a Field Training Officer for most of his career.

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Officer Steven Shortway Retires after 25 years

  1. Congratulations, listen that’s the new thing now ,put your time in , and get out. Nobody cares about Any employees anymore .everyone is just a number. The days of working hard and doing great job is over. No one is going to say that a boy anymore. Everyone is replaceable. And I mean everyone. I laugh when I see some of these new guys sucking ass, they think they’re going to get ahead, dream on.

  2. Congratulations Steven,
    Time flies but fortunately not the good memories!
    Enjoy and God bless you and your family 🙏
    John &Corine Allard

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