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Ridgewood police seek man in assault on TD Bank employee


photo from Ridgewood PD

Ridgewood police seek man in assault on TD Bank employee

April 6 2014
Ridgewood NJ , On April 6 2014 at 3:05 PM patrol responded to TD Bank on Franklin Avenue on a report of an assault in progress. A bank employee had been assaulted by a Heavy Set black male that had attempted to pass a fraudulent check.

The employee had locked the door at closing time and when the accused person attempted to flee and found the door locked he punched the employee and took her keys to unlock the door.

The accused fled in a grey Volkswagen with possible Georgia license plates. The matter is under investigation by the Ridgewood Detective Bureau. Anyone with information please call the Ridgewood Police Detective Bureau 201-251-4537.
Below is a picture of the suspect.

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4 thoughts on “Ridgewood police seek man in assault on TD Bank employee

  1. The incident actually occurred at 3:05 PM, not 1:05 PM.

  2. Was she badly hurt?

  3. Thanks for posting the picture of the perp.
    I’m sure the law enforcement folks will get “lard-ass” sooner than later.
    I’d suggest staking out the ‘all you can eat’ places.

  4. Were there a lot of Volkswagens with Georgia plates in the area that day?

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