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Ridgewood Public Schools Extend Memorial Day Weekend to Account for Unused Snow Days

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Public Schools have decided to extend the Memorial Day weekend to utilize all of the remaining snow days allocated for this school year.

According to the school district, emergency closing days are built into the school calendar each year, with the provision that they will be utilized only if necessary. As there has been no need for an additional emergency day prior to the scheduled date, the district has opted to use the remaining days to extend the Memorial Day weekend.

As a result, schools will be closed for a five-day weekend from Friday, May 24, to Tuesday, May 28. This decision provides students, teachers, and staff with an extended break to enjoy the holiday weekend and marks the conclusion of the academic year.

The extension of the Memorial Day weekend allows the school district to effectively manage the remaining snow days while ensuring that instructional time is maximized throughout the school year. It also provides an opportunity for the school community to rest and recharge before the final stretch of the academic calendar.

Ridgewood Public Schools remain committed to providing a quality education while prioritizing the safety and well-being of students and staff. The decision to extend the Memorial Day weekend reflects the district’s proactive approach to managing unforeseen circumstances and maintaining a balanced academic calendar for all stakeholders.


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6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Public Schools Extend Memorial Day Weekend to Account for Unused Snow Days

  1. I hope this year the box department cut the grass and empty all the garbage cans, and pick up the litter. Remember last year with a shit show, so embarrassing. The grass was real high the trash cans were overflowing, literal over the place, so embarrassing who the hell in charge.

    1. Didn’t realize we had a box department. Too much middle management.

      1. We do now. They found $60k in the budget for me.

      2. Oh yes, they put the lunches together for field trips

  2. Clean up the park.

  3. Great more days for healthbarn to make money off of Habernickel park Your tax dollars people. Not shared with the town but uses our resources

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