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>Ridgewood Recycling Program – A Sham?

>Is Ridgewood’s Recycling Program A Sham?

Early this morning, The Fly observed ALL curbside placed recyclables (newspapers, high quality paper, bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.) in his neighborhood being dumped together into a Village sanitation vehicle that was not equipped with content dividers.

This prompts The Fly to ask a simple question: “Is Ridgewood’s recycling program for real, or is it just another Village Hall perpetuated sham?”

Can anyone at Village Hall explain to The Fly why taxpayers are mandated by ordinance to segregate recyclable materials for curbside pickup, only to have everything mixed together in the same refuse removal vehicle and taken to a landfill?

Mr. Frank Moritz, Director of Operations; are you asleep at the switch?

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