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Ridgewood Resident Gets Fleeced for $1460 in PSE&G MoneyPak Card Scam


January 12,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A Kenilworth Road resident reported being the victim of a fraud and theft on January 9. The victim reported she was contacted by a party who identified himself as an employee of PSE&G and threatened to turn off the residential service if an outstanding bill balance wasn’t paid. The victim was instructed to purchase $960 and provide the MoneyPak card serial numbers to prevent the service from being shut off. The victim then purchased the cards and provided serial numbers. The victim was then convinced to purchase an additional MoneyPak card in the amount of $500 before becoming suspicious and realizing this was a scam.

The Ridgewood Police Department would like to remind you to be aware of frauds. A common fraud that is currently being performed is the request for payment immediately and using gift cards, MoneyPac cards, other type of pre-paid or wire transfers or bitcoin. Please notify the Police Department if you feel you have been or are in the process of becoming victim to a fraud before payment is made

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