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Ridgewood ‘s Hudson Garage Roof Deck Not in Service After Snow

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, some disturbing news from Central Business District the  roof deck on the Hudson Street Garage  has been plowed, but parking isn’t permitted there , that means 25% of the new Hudson Street Parking Garage can’t be used after it snows?

The four-level, 240-space garage at Hudson and South Broad streets ,the village last year approved a $12 million bond to fund the construction. The new kiosks cost Ridgewood $745,000 over three years but can last up to a decade after purchase.



9 thoughts on “Ridgewood ‘s Hudson Garage Roof Deck Not in Service After Snow

  1. It’s not disturbing news for the top floor to be closed. That’s just common sense.
    Call me back in a couple of years when the top floor might be needed.
    For now we only need about 20 spots.

  2. 9 million dollars for 20 parking spots. That’s the new Ridgewood math.

  3. turn the top into a recreation space.

  4. You voted for the people who pushed this obvious white elephant through the system. Now suffer the consequences of your actions. Pay you will in higher taxes and reduced services. The math never worked but too many were too lazy to see that our elected officials have an agenda, as will the next group of village politicians. Overpaying for a rundown lodge, overbuilding a town hall, playground bathrooms, owning a water company are just a few of the projects that keep the villages hands deep into your pockets. Just wait for the next great idea my fellow village idiots. You have and apparently will continue to elect your equals.
    In the words of Chevy Chase, “you’re just not good.”

  5. How about replacing the bus lot building, so it don’t fall down on us in the am waiting for a bus.

  6. Top floor could be used for a ping-pong tournament.

  7. It’s no big deal no emergency at all just let it melt. But I’ll keep the side all that money they spent they could’ve put a cover roof over it.

  8. Make the top floor a little league baseball field.

  9. Ice skating rink!

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