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Ridgewood seeks feedback on proposed changes to meters


Ridgewood seeks feedback on proposed changes to meters


Ridgewood’s two-hour meters, 12-hour meters, and non-resident parking permits might soon be gone.

Village officials are discussing resident-only permit parking and putting a three-hour time limit on all downtown meters (except for the 15-minute spots).

These ideas are being lauded as the latest measures to help improve Ridgewood’s parking situation in the short term. Now, officials are looking for resident feedback, Mayor Paul Aronsohn announced at Wednesday’s council meeting.

The mayor noted that a compilation of the new short-term ideas, titled “Ridgewood Downtown Parking Initiative,” will be put on the village website ( for public review before any action is taken.

“Parking’s been on everyone’s mind,” Aronsohn said. “We’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas … We really need to take care of Ridgewood residents first.”

According to a preliminary version of the document provided to The Ridgewood News, the village would make parking “easier, simpler, better” by standardizing the rules.

The village would do this first by making all downtown meters run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., cost 25 cents per half hour, and provide three-hour parking. Current meters provide 12-hour and two-hour parking limits.

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12 thoughts on “Ridgewood seeks feedback on proposed changes to meters

  1. The 15-min meter can be really tight on days when you think you are going into the Post Office to mail something uick, only to find a long line and one employee working the desk. There’s always somein the line that needs a passport or wants to ship something weird to Botswana.

  2. Ever look at the meter after dropping the dime? It often says “12.”

  3. Resident only parking is a really, really dumb idea as downtown Ridgewood thrives on customers from surrounding towns. This is not Fort Lee or Hoboken.

  4. Anonymous:

    Resident only parking is a really, really dumb idea as downtown Ridgewood thrives on customers from surrounding towns. This is not Fort Lee or Hoboken.

    I guess you missed the part about three hour time limits on parking downtown ? You must be one of those people who feeds quarters to keep a space all day downtown ?

  5. There are too many commuter parking lots in the central business district and this seems to keep the problem ongoing where there is less and less parking for consumers.

  6. I’m not no sure that Ridgewood’s lack of shoppers is due to available parking spaces. People aren’t shopping in Ridgewood for economic reasons. The only time I see parking being difficult is Friday and Saturday evenings, with the restaurant crowds. If there’s evidence that Ridgewood commuters cannot find available 12-hour spots, then I guess we need to restrict those spots to residents only. Otherwise, we’re just shutting off an existing source of Village income (that’s assuming the quarters get banked).

  7. What exactly are they doing with this meter money besides losing it?

  8. i think until the $460,G’s are paid back to the taxpayers no additional money should be spent

  9. a quarter for your thoughts ?

  10. The Council is using it for the pet projects #7

  11. I use the 12 hour meters lot near the rite aid and I am a long term resident,

    Look at the shortage of resident spots at the train station.

    Don’t change what works,

    Fix the streets pot holes which we mismanage before the winter.just paid 1800 for a new front end,patches on old patches,

    Bill Connor
    Walthery avenue

  12. Change is coming and it’s not good,,say goodbye to the 12 hour meters for commuter yes town taxpayers only solution is to cough up 750 for resident pass prepaid,

    Ie tax increase to get to work,

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