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Ridgewood Village Council Meeting Tonight MAY 8, 2024 7:30 P.M

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Village Council meets tonight MAY 8, 2024 7:30 P.M. for a regular meeting .

For the latest agenda, visit:

Village Council meetings are now available with participants at remote locations, connecting to conferencing software provided by or by telephone. Members of the public are invited to view meetings live using Zoom, which also allows them to “raise a hand” and contribute with voice and video when they are invited to do so, during Public Comments as well as during Public Hearings, during the meeting. Please click the link below to join the virtual meeting: Webinar ID: 825 9279 9142 Passcode: 07450 or Telephone, Dial: 1-646-558-8656, 1-646-931-3860, 1-309-205-3325, or 1-312-626-6799


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23 thoughts on “Ridgewood Village Council Meeting Tonight MAY 8, 2024 7:30 P.M

  1. I’m sending the blog a cleaning bill for all the vomit I just puked up everywhere.

  2. That screen capture is from her own fb page.

  3. What a lot of bullshit about people being able to connect remotely. Yeah, Vagianos and crew allowed for remote access to continue. But then he cut the number of people that can speak, and he cut the amount of time that people can speak. It’s really terrible the way he’s managing it.

  4. A question for those of you who did Vote Winograd: how’s that been working out for you?

    1. Did NOT vote for her but I would have to think NOT well

  5. As fake as her blonde hair!

  6. Stepford…..

  7. Remote is becoming a great place for speakers from California and Philadelphia.

    1. Heck if the world wants to call in from wherever they may be living and tell the mayor and council that they are the biggest bunch of short sighted hypocrites to plan to install turf near private well water while being actively engaged in a lawsuit about the very same group of PFAS forever chemicals that will poison those wells, then I think they should all call in and state their opinions that it is grossly negligent on the part of municipal leaders elected to protect residents. might make the meeting extend a little longer, but I guess that is what the right to free speech is all about. People seem to be very upset that hundres of beautiful health trees would be cut down to build a ball field.

      1. It would have been nice if the loon from Philadelphia was able to say the word “Ridgewood”

      2. Actuslly people who do not even live here read our blog for pure entertainment value because they cannot believe our munipal.leaders and the shitshow it has become! I guess it makes them feel better when they see the level of dysfunction and systemic issues that don’t get fixed. #keithkazmark#recallpaul

  8. Hypocrisy in the extreme.

  9. The picture above was probably taken when she was lying, I mean trying, to get elected, prior to her own statement where the new council members and new mayor, decided to cherry pick what they liked from the old plan and then enact their own plan. One that was in no way in keeping with what the Ad hoc committee suggested (remember turf was never voted on, only suggested) and her own husband was part of the ad hoc committee. Therefore, I crown her queen of mean when it comes to the trees. She even took the reigns to get the Big Tree taken away from the giant Sugar Maple at Schedler so that she could register her own trees as being Ridgewood’s very first big trees. If you were playing a board game, you would call the person a major cheat. What should we call her when she is playing the game of Ridgewood Monopoly where all of the properties from Park Place to Marven Gardens could possibly have invasive trees, so let’s cut them all down. The fact that this woman is on the Shade Tree group as a leader when she plans to commit a crime to cut so many down for her soccer pals is insanity. She claims to love trees but will she stand by an utter a tear when she is watching them be cut down, or will her heart swelll with the thought of frollicking through a regulation size field with plastic grass. It is so sad when our village not that long ago, led by, Rich Uncle Pennybags (aka Mayor Vagianos) almost had to furlough village employees last year but made certain that field money was earmarked. For residents it will mean that we do not pass go and do not collect $200. But for what these bad actors are doing to our trees which contributes daily to our climate crisis, is a crime and for that as Monopoly rules state, they should go directly to jail.

  10. I can’t believe anyone voted for Siobhan Winograd. I hope they now realize she’s a farce and pathological liar. 🤥

    1. I can recall all those who gladly put a Winograd for Council lawn sign in their front yard. Gteed most don’t pay attention to the issues and just wanted to be invited to the cool kid parties.

  11. Gwen Hauck 2.0

  12. We would be in a better place had we voted for a tree and not Siobhan.

  13. Idiot stick figure without a soul

  14. Like Frank Mortimer, our local bee man. He claims to be green and environmentally friendly as long as he’s selling honey to locals and getting Village contracts. Meanwhile, he’s petitioning to clear cut acres of trees and an entire eco system for plastic turf at Schedler.

    1. Yeah I don’t get that at all. How can you love bees but wanna cut trees. Things are just not adding up at all with this guy!!

      1. Ho loves bees because they make him $. It’s a job. The guy’s a fraud.

        1. Well guess what? He is going to run for council and if elected, will complete the majority block with his cronies Paul , Whino, Weitz and Perron. Just wait, I will bet that he votes exactly and I mean EXACTLY in line with this bunch of bad apples that only care about their special projects which are sports and CBD.

  15. She’s a dope

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