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Ridgewood Village Manager Co-hosted Political Fundraiser with NJDEP Commissioner

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the staff of the Ridgewood bllog

Ridgewood NJ, we are awaiting the findings on soil testing at Schedler for dangerous contamination, and the recommendations of the New Jersey Department of environmental protection.

Now we see the village manager of Ridgewood co-hosted a political fundraiser with Shawn La Tourette.  LaTourette was appointed by Governor Murphy to be New Jersey’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection. It is he who will determine the DEP  recommendations for the contaminated Schedler property, which could ultimately have a huge impact on whether the development of the park can proceeded as the current council wishes it to.

Do we smell an ETHICS violation????


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21 thoughts on “Ridgewood Village Manager Co-hosted Political Fundraiser with NJDEP Commissioner

  1. Hell yes this is unethical. And Kazmark is flipping the bird at everyone doing what he pleases

    1. Hope you’re happy Ridgewood! We wanted to be Greenwich, CT and instead these buffoons have turned the town into Sopranos-ville, USA.

      Losing $800K a year on a garage no wanted or uses? No Problem! Let’s bond another $1 million for soil capping (don’t actually get rid of the toxic material…just put a carpet on it like Edgewater did with their field…and see how well that works), cut the 200 year-old trees we love so much, work those sweetheart contracts, install that electronic billboard Lodi style (200 yards from a Revolutionary War Cemetery), and give the kiddies their Three Mile Island playgrounds at Habernickel and Schedler.

      And soon, our once quaint hamlet can look forward to the Valley Apartments…1500 luxury units (and 20% earmarked for affordable tenants). Have no fear…they will be tasteful and spectacular.

      Disgusting, embarrassing, and sad.

  2. Whistleblower Guy is a player !

  3. Wow.

  4. It will all be swept under the carpet or in this case artificial turf.

  5. It is 100% an eithics violation if he is leveraging influence with his political connections to gain favor and turn the tide on a decision that Mr. LaTourette is responsible for. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Keith Kazmark as some deep political connections during his tenure as mayor for many years of Woodland Park/West Paterson, he probably met and hob knobbed with many political people. He also was going to or did run for Congress, so the guy has certainly had some far reaching political aspirations for sure. I am assuming he will secure a few wins for Ridgewood using his political connections which will make him look effective, then he will move to Ridgewood, if he has not already, and will run for council and use his successes to show residents all of the great things he has done. Then maybe Congress, Govenor, who knows what is on the docket.

  6. People that Kazmark called to ensure the Schedler applicaiton would get approved have been identified, so this is just another breach of professional ethics if he has specically has asked Shawn LaTourette for political favors in exchange for making the contaminated soil issue quietly go away and/or for getting a solid approval on the proposal for the Schedler’s field. Anything DEP related is squarely in Shawn La Tourette’s decision making wheel house as he is the Commissioner of the NJDEP and reports to Tahesha Way, the Lt. Govenor, also a good friend to Kazmark and Govenor Murphy, maybe he knows him too. Unfortuantely, given what is happening in Ridgewood, the optics and timing might be suspect and his outreach to ensure the application for Schedler would be approved are a great concern and doesn’t follow the normal course of an ethical process.

  7. This is so damn dirty, this is dirty politics at the best. Here we go what is the d e p Going to come back and say I’ll just bring in fresh topsoil and cover everything up. We could see it now everything will be OK.

  8. Oh stop. It’s just business.

    1. Not the kind of business that our little village needs. Totally shady. He is a snake

      1. He’s a POS, corrupt as anything , just ask the people in Elmwood Park.. He is definitely NG what so ever

    2. Keiths business is to run the inner working of the village efficiently not to run it into the ground, take photos all over town and spend tax dollars like a drunken sailor . This is a guy who is hungry for more. Heis not opening an investigation into the Schedler situation or even mentioning habernickle .

    3. “Oh stop. It’s just business.”

      Precisely why New Jersey is a punchline and the corrupt laughingstock of the country.

  9. No it’s bull shit !!

  10. There is contaminated soil on the Schedler property and possibly more. Workers should be checked, nearby residents too. There might also be an issue with Habernickel as well. No one is saying anything and a full investigation should be conducted with everyone in engineering and other departments to understand what happened and how much dirt was dumped everywhere and from what locations. Do we know for sure about Habernickel and anyone going to that park should be on high alert. Can the NJDEP make this go away with the swipe of a pen. I certainly hope not.

  11. Keith is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, full of excuses and spends more time doing things to creat a perception than actually doing his job the right way, which is to ensure the proper services are available to residents and that new as well as existing issues that affect the village are handled expediently with an eye on governance of the municipal operating budget. so far i have seen excessive spending, a social media whore and mistakes galore. now this? He is angling for somthing that’s obvious and DEP holds alot of cards regarding Ridgewood, so yes it seems to be a streth to think its an innocent coincidence. He is an operator.

    1. enigma or enema

  12. Schedler is just one of many EPA sites in town. Don’t forget about the town garage which has several underground streams of chemicals.

    1. Ridgewood overrated, filthy, garbage dump.

  13. They aren’t mentioning Habernickel because they collect rent from a business ther This business can sue the town if the space is contaminated. More costs for ridgewood

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