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Ridgewood Water : Cloudy Water ,Mineral Build Up or Air Dissolved in the Water

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Ridgewood NJ, according to Ridgewood Water , the utility does not add fluoride to your drinking water.

Water hardness in our service area is 14 grains or 250ppm.

If your water is discolored, (gray, brown, yellow, orange) this is most likely due to minerals building up in our water mains. These minerals are harmless, but as more people start watering their lawns and turning on sprinkler systems, these minerals can loosen and end up in the water supply. This discoloration can also occur when Ridgewood Water does routine maintenance on it’s facilities that increases the velocity in the mains. Although it is aesthetically unappealing, it is safe to drink. We recommend avoiding doing laundry until discoloration clears.

If your water has a cloudy or milky appearance this is usually caused by air dissolved in the water. We recommend to take a glass of cold water from the tap and set it on a flat surface. If the water begins to clear from the bottom up within a few minutes, it can be concluded that dissolved air is the cause of the cloudiness. If the water does not clear up or you notice particles settling on the bottom of the glass please contact our treatment facility at 201-670-5526 and notify them of your issue.

If your water has a unusual taste or odor, please contact our treatment facility at 201-670-5526.

Ridgewood Water does not make recommendations as to water filters or softeners.

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