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Ridgewood Water violation enforcement only on Ridgewood

ridgewood water
June 24,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog asks , How many tickets were given out last year to Ridgewood residents last year for water irrigation violations ?

Just wondering if any other towns that Ridgewood water supplies were issued tickets for the same violations?

Our newly hired code violation enforcement person does not have jurisdiction in those towns to issue tickets . So in a nut shell the Village Manager Roberta hired and employee with taxpayer money to issue tickets only to Ridgewood residents .Other towns that are supplied by Ridgewood Water do not have a dedicate employee for that service.

Do you really think they were issued the same amount of violations?

17 thoughts on “Ridgewood Water violation enforcement only on Ridgewood

  1. By the end of this year Ridgewood Water will want a rate hike claiming that they didn’t sell enough water thank to their restrictions.

  2. SELL RIDGEWOOD WATER. Let that be the next referendum vote.

  3. This is nothing more than incompetence and stupidity by the village manager. If fines are to be issued then it must be in all towns or none. Sounds like this could be an interesting court case.

  4. So let me ask a question to all the Private Sector poster on this blog to include Roberta who say that Government should be run like the private sector. Here it goes. What happens in the private sector when you have a supplier or division that cannot meet the supply of the parent company because of inefficiency,incompetence, antiqued infrastructure,or not enough room for that division or supplier to expand? Does the parent company continue to throw money at that division or supplier knowing that it past, record shows that they cannot keep up with the demand. Or does the parent company cut their losses and sell that division or find a new supplier.

  5. welcome to Ridgewood…

  6. This selective enforcement is unfair. There is no incentive for other towns to comply.

    Why should Ridgewood residents be subject to this?

    Roberta is nickel and dimming the residents that she serves.

  7. How about we shut off water to other towns until they start enforcing the watering restrictions to the same degree that Ridgewood does? This is such incompetent oversight of an incompetent organization.

  8. Nhow about drilling some more wells and adding some more storage tanks

  9. I agree with 2:44. We’re already stealing from the other towns so let’s cut ’em off too!

  10. Oh what a corrupt cesspool we have become…..
    Thanks Paul

  11. The water dept is owned by the village. Are they permitted to enforce a different standard on Ridgewood residents.

    Can the village owned utility legally have rules that are enforced for some customers and not others?

    Is the manager so desperate for fee income? Will she resign on July 1?

  12. Ridgewood Water, a public utility owned by the Village of Ridgewood, provides water to Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, and Midland Park.

  13. 8:02 – perhaps you are new to the Village and do not remember the proposals to enlarge a water tanks a few years ago. West Side folks went all NIMBY and smaller tank was installed. Perhaps these restrictions are a way to “persuade” the residents we need larger tanks?

  14. Right 8:02 in your back yard.

  15. To 833 and 928… You must be new here. Midland park, also served by the utility has a higher elevation on Glen avenue . That is the place a large tank needs to be built.
    Don’t forget that those neighbors on the west side in the heights pay a lot more in taxes that you whiners on the east side. Why should they have to look at a big tank so you can put in a sprinkler system on your postage stamp sized lot on the east side . Dig your own well.

  16. quite simple , if the other towns do not enforce then raise their rate.

  17. quite simple , if the other towns do not enforce then raise their rate.

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