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Ridgewood Water’s billing system is under renovation!


Ridgewood Water’s billing system is under renovation!

Ridgewood Water is currently implementing an improved billing and customer service program. During this change our Customer Service Representatives will provide you with the best service possible but there may be occasional delays in providing routine, corrected, and final bills.

Once the new system is fully operational, customers will have the option to receive their bills by email instead of conventional mail. E-bills and conventional bills will be payable by credit card and automatic bank transfer in addition to checks, money orders and cash.

We are excited to be bringing these improvements to our customers and have more features in development.

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood Water’s billing system is under renovation!

  1. This “improved” billing system is taking a very very long time, I smell somthing fishy….

  2. Has anyone noticed that none of our neighbors have received bills since last October??? What is an “improved” billing system anyway? The old billing seemed to be fine. Spending money they dont have and then will tell us there is a rate increase…

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