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Ridgewood’s Planning Board reviews litigation matters, affordable housing



RIDGEWOOD – The village’s planning board met Wednesday night in the hopes of coming to decisions in regards to pressing matters currently before the board such as Valley Hospital and the village’s affordable housing obligations.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood’s Planning Board reviews litigation matters, affordable housing

  1. Our affordable housing obligations are meaningless and unenforceable unless tied to how built out this village already is, and has been for decades, thereby preventing any appreciable increase in population. No judge can force a village to become a city by building “up” now that building “out” is impossible.

  2. The Valley Hospital deal is no compromise whatsoever. Ridgewood is getting completely screwed over. This is in large part due to having a Valley supporter on our side on the mediation team. What a joke, a terrible horrible joke.

  3. She ought to be deeply, deeply ashamed of having done this to her own town. It had been pointed out for years that she should recuse herself for any discussion or vote related to Valley. That this was completely ignored says a lot about her and her mentor from hell.

  4. Valley will change it’s name to Valley Gwenn Hauck Hospital.

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