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Ridgewood’s Schools Superintendant & BOE President Both Say BOE DID NOT Help Prepare Schedler Development Application

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, in response to questions posed by at least two (2) members of the public during Monday night’s BOE meeting, Ridgewood Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Schwarz and BOE President Sheila Brogan both publicly said this – “No public or private meetings” were held between any BOE representative(s) and anyone from the Village of Ridgewood concerning preparation of the recent application for development of the Schedler property. In short, the application was prepared & submitted without the BOE’s input or review.

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The controversial application was officially submitted to the State of NJ’s Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) by Village officials on May 14, 2024. Comments made within the application concerning BOE field conditions and usage of BOE fields raised the eyebrows of many residents who felt what was reported in the application about school system owned fields did not match reality.
The Ridgewood Blog will continue to keep its readers informed about the seemingly unending number of inconsistencies associated with the Village’s most recent submission to SHPO.
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39 thoughts on “Ridgewood’s Schools Superintendant & BOE President Both Say BOE DID NOT Help Prepare Schedler Development Application

  1. Did Vagianos actually think residents who oppose the Schedler development plan would not investigate circumstances surrounding preparation of the SHPO application?

    1. In hindsight, perhaps Paulie’s and Wino’s hand-picked “expert” should have spent less time in the YMCA lounge and more time earning his thousands of dollars in Ridgewood taxpayer subsidized consulting fees.

      Each emerging chapter in this folly is more insane than the last.

      Attorney General Platkin? The whistleblowers are calling your name…

      1. Now that the project has been put on hold PFAS Paulie, Whino, E Waste & Perron, will have plenty of time to go visit this guy at the Newark YMCA and the can cast their minds back to simpler more nostaligic days when they began with fervored enthusiasm towards the construction of their sports complex. It may take a while and one can only hope that this Ridgewood council majority is buckled, so as not to be injured on their thrill ride thru the highs and lows of soil contamination testing and remediation so that the health and welfare of Ridgewood residents is prioritized.

  2. Is someone going to let SHPO know about the fabricated data?

  3. A bogus application, contaminated soil, a proposed PFAS ladened playing field and who knows what else. The news gets worse with each day that goes by. RIdgewood’s own version of The Sopranos.

  4. And what will Keith Kazmark the spin doctor have to say about this?

  5. Aren’t they sneaky?

  6. Why is Scarf Lady still on the BoE?

    1. She was elected

  7. The council and Kazmark have some more spin to prepare for tomorrow night

  8. Something smells a little fishy 😱

  9. They are making Ridgewood the laughing stock with their underhanded attempts to shove this plan through.

    1. Shove it through!? It has been 10 years of bickering and delays.

      1. Probably because this plan, just like all of the others to place a field on that property is one of the dumbest ideas known to mankind.

  10. Keith’s ego is going to cost him. Ridgewood residents know a thing or two.

    1. Amen.. He’s a snake in the grass who can’t be trusted..

  11. Not buying the boe wasn’t involved. The boe members/lawyers couldn’t stay away

  12. How much money are we paying to promote Keith through a dedicated PR manager that’s hired to promote him as a politician?

  13. Paul Vagianos, Pam Perron and Council Majority hired Keith Kazmark to do all their dirty work.

  14. And this is just what you know. Imagine what hasn’t been discovered yet. What slime!

  15. Remember this come next election. Get ‘em’ out!

  16. Isn’t this perjury, a crime punishable by law?

  17. How can anyone trust this council majority and Village Manager with anything?

  18. There must be a lot to be made $$$ if they are going to this level of deception.

  19. Keith Kazmark,

    Will you investigate now?

  20. It’s amazing, they need to come clean and remove all the dirt. They screwed up big time , stop changing the story. We the resident wonder did they ever reach out to the employees for their safety?

  21. SHPO wanted an analysis of field usage by the school system. What Ridgewood gave them was a bullshit answer. The way to fight Schedler is to highlight the problems with the application, not by complaining about PFAS. Show SHPO there are other “non-historic” fields that are underutilized. That’s the way to win.

  22. An alternatives analysis, as required in Section D. Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:4-7.2(e)6, the
    Historic Sites Council shall consider whether or not feasible and prudent alternatives to the
    encroachment exist. The alternatives provided lack the level of detail and analysis required
    for the scale and scope of the proposed park development. For example:
    o Alternative 2 states that “many design alternatives were considered” but provides no
    detail regarding what these alternatives entailed, whether they met the project need,
    or what their effects would be on the historic property. This section of the alternatives
    analysis must include, but is not limited to, the 2008 concept plan; the plan
    developed in consultation with HPO staff in 2022; and the current design (preferred
    alternative) with a grass field instead of turf.
    o Alternative 3 simply states “another build site,” with no analysis of available
    locations, the cost of acquisition and development, or other pertinent information.
    This alternative must address the availability of property for purchase, and the
    presence or absence of existing municipal property that could be developed for
    athletic fields.
    Additional analysis of the remaining alternatives is also required. In all cases, the analysis
    of alternatives must be sufficiently detailed and rigorous to permit independent
    comparative evaluation of the benefits, costs, and environmental risks of the proposed
    project and each reasonable alternative. This should include a narrative summary of the
    preferred alternative and justification for its selection.

  23. Actually this comes as no surprise. if you have witnessed any of the pull the wool over your eyes antics that Vagianos, Weitz, Winograd, Perron and Kazmark have pulled, you will see the stumbling and fumbling almost at every juncture. Usually one that ends in a failed attempt but also costs tax payers money. What we are left with is contaminated soil that needs to be remediated an application that we just found out has information that has not been factually validated and I am sure a ton of other things that the public does not know about and they want to keep it that way or hope you don’t find out most of it is a pile of lies and deceit as high as the dirt pile on the Schedler property. c Shame, shame. .

  24. I think the property should be sold to the highest bidder. We need more high density housing. Property on Route 17 would sell.

    1. No matter how many times you post this, it will still remain uninformed and stupid.

      It’s like Sleepy Evan droning on about a 7/11 when he wakes up long enough to mumble a public comment at council meetings.

      Zoned single-family residential. Would have been 12-16 houses not unlike Toll Brothers Hollywood Avenue.

    2. A moronic, dumb statement. Even more ridiculous than a ball field. Grow up.

  25. And what about the health of our people.

  26. Vagianos and Weitz, Perron and Winograd think they can get away with all of their lies and scheming but keep getting caught. Kazmark wants to be a superstar politico behind the scenes, what a wheeler dealer, we probably don’t know the half it it and Im sure he’s trying to leverage influence with, many political connections, maybe someone who can help slide the application through and only time will tell if his connectionss will support this but maybe not.

  27. Instead of respectable, we get a spectacle. More lies with each thing we find out. And they paid how much to the engineering firm to pull this together. This is a sh*tshow and now they are going to drag the BOE into their hot mess. Does Perron, Winograd and Weitz along with the king of con himself, Paulie PFAS have a conscious? This is becoming a 3 ring circus. Forget about trying to get elected, Vagianos should just pack his desk and call it a day. Then we need to figure out how to rid ourselves of the other 3. Ain’t gonna be easy,but they Cleary have screwed the town and if you don’t believe it yet, just wait.

  28. Yes is the manager putting together a list of employees past & present that worked on that site? Has anyone heard from management? We are curious.

  29. when you have a mayor and council majority that do not care about contaminated soil, why should they care about plagerism, lying or just taking information that isn’t properly vetted. Simple, because you are not honest. Dragging the BOE into it is just borderline criminal, but if you look at who these people are friends with you will figure it out pretty quickly. People out for their own vested interests, whether that is money, power, ego or whatever it might be, it is a pattern with a common theme, over and over. It is getting to the point that Ridgewood will not be able to bounce back. Welcome to expensive might end up being welcome to bankrupt.

  30. As stated in a previous answer, Keith bows to Paul BECAUSE Paul hired him as Village Manager to reward him for being his (Paul’s) Campaign Manager. Were any other qualifications ever mentioned?

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