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Ridgewood’s “Tolerance” Police set the Record Straight

Nazi's in Paris

You’re using that word wrong.

“Tolerance” as a social virtue is a relatively recent concept and specifically refers to the quality that is the opposite of bigotry.

“Tolerance” is not the same as niceness or politeness, though it can accompany those traits.

People who stand for tolerance stand against bigotry. And people who stand against bigotry may absolutely be angry, and even rude. They may have no time or patience for bigotry. They are still standing against bigotry. The concept of tolerance does not include “tolerating” bigotry.

Please remember this before you again pull out the tired trope of “you’re not putting up with my bigotry, therefore you’re intolerant.”

One thought on “Ridgewood’s “Tolerance” Police set the Record Straight

  1. The beatings (in the head, with cut-down flagpoles), kickings (in the street, after you’ve already been knocked unconscious and separated from your friends and family), sprayings (with pepper spray while you’re wearing a MAGA hat and giving a calm interview to a reporter amids progressive liberals deliberately causing civil chaos) and gaslightings (Wow, you are so brave to stand up to the big bad wolf police who did all that to you!) will continue until the political opinions improve.

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