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River Vale Police Department Issues Stolen Vehicles Advisory

Rivervale police

December 23,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

River Vale NJ, Several towns in the Pascack Valley area are again experiencing an increased number of stolen cars. In the vast majority of incidents, the owners left keys and/or key fobs in the vehicle – making the car an easy target for thieves.

Residents are encouraged to always remove key fobs and keys from their vehicles – even when the cars are parked inside a garage. In addition, residents should be sure to remove valuables from their vehicles and remember to lock car doors and activate the alarms where applicable.

As always, residents are asked to remain alert and contact your local police promptly regarding suspicious persons or incidents.

River Vale Police Department
334 Rivervale Rd
River Vale, NJ 07675

2 thoughts on “River Vale Police Department Issues Stolen Vehicles Advisory

  1. I was born in (River Vale) a crossfire hurricane.

  2. It seems like a large number or stolen cars are luxury vehicles with keys still in the car. Are they all really being stolen without the owners’ wishes? How many found they had bought a car they couldn’t afford and left it virtually open to be stolen? If insurance companies would wise up and not pay unless the vehicle seizure was not helped in any way by the owners. You would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to have seen the multiple police warnings. (and if you were all three, you can’t drive a car anyway.) If you want to keep your car, lock it up, and don’t leave valuable items in sight within it. Otherwise it should be assumed that you’re not just incredibly stupid but you want the car stolen.

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