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Road Work Begins on West Saddle River Road in Ridgewood

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photos courtesy of  Village Manager Keith Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the Village Manager Kieth Kazmark, on Monday the Village broke ground on the much needed road improvements on West Saddle River Road. ADA curb ramps are being installed prior to the road being milled and paved later this summer.

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8 thoughts on “Road Work Begins on West Saddle River Road in Ridgewood

  1. Long, LONG overdue. It has been held up awaiting a decision on the future of the Schedler property.
    My car thanks the Village for finally moving forward.

    1. Long overdue.

      Thank you Keith and Lorraine for getting this done.

  2. This Village Manager, Keith Kazmark, is clueless. Thanks for the message-AFTER THE WORK BEGAN. The public is finding out as it’s happening. #pisspoormanagement

  3. What a boob! All this prep work with no final plan in place. Village Manager, Keith Kazmark, just posted to Facebook-

    1. According to Kazmark’s Facebook post, he has been in office as Village Manager for 1 year. He probably realized that the group of morons he is working to support only care about sports fields and the CBD and not the real issues that exist.

      Simply stated, Kazmark states “Our goal is simple – to provide outstanding services, while managing costs”.

      I look forward to seeing this materialize and for the village to be proactive when managing problems which seems to be lacking with the current mayor and other sub par volunteers (except for Ms. Reynolds).

  4. I have driven on this street many times but I live on the other side of town. It is awful and shocking that it took nearly 30 years to get this road paved and sidewalks replaced. Unfortunately, this area of town is not treated like Ridgewood Proper despite the high taxes. I will keep my comments about the proposed field shelved for another time, although these neighbors do not deserve to have this done to them with the magnitude that our asshole mayor thinks it should be. The other 2 losers, Winograd and Weitz are not any better and they have all sold their souls, if they had any to begin with, to the devil or a turf vendor, that is for sure. when we think of Ridgewood, this area of town is underserved and this Village Manager needs to be respectful.

  5. The dumptruck keeps backing up, beep, beep, beep, but it isn’t with solutions, it is with Bullshit. The fact that they are finally fixing it is only because that resident kept on Kazmark week after week. Footbridge needs to be next. They suck and should not get a pat on the back for doing their jobs on a long overdue project. It is shameful.

  6. Another Keith Kazmark fib. “ ADA curb ramps are being installed prior to the road being milled and paved later this summer.” Today, on social media, he comments no paving schedule for West Saddle River Road. This road will sit unfinished for months. 🤥

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