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Rochelle Park Police Nab Man During Break in Also Wanted in Ridgewood Robbery

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Rochelle Park NJ, Rochelle Park Police capture burglar inside of home during Thanksgiving Day heist. A residents’ motion alert triggered a rapid response where Squad B2 quickly converged on a Chilean burglar attempting to take advantage of the Holiday travel day.

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The police believe this man is part of a large-scale burglary crew of Chilean nationals, who are accused of committing burglaries in Rochelle Park and Ridgewood.

Victor Ramirez-Trincoso, who arrived in the U.S. from Chile on Sunday, was found on the second floor of a Peek Street home in Rochelle Park on Thursday with jewelry and watches lying next to him. Another reported suspect had apparently ran away prior to police arrival.

Ramirez-Trincoso was arrested and charged with burglary, theft and possession of burglary tools. He was then committed to the Bergen County Jail.

Police have connected him to an earlier burglary in Ridgewood and are working to identify a second suspect, and connect both of them to other Thanksgiving Day incidents.

8 thoughts on “Rochelle Park Police Nab Man During Break in Also Wanted in Ridgewood Robbery

  1. Open boarders, thanks JB. The best don’t come here. Where were the Ridgewood break ins exactly located? Ridgewood taxpayers should be made aware of the location.

    1. I know of a house in the lawns area of Ridgewood that was broken in during Thanksgiving

    2. You’ll never know. To alleviate fear in the community, this information has been buried for years. The actual number of burglaries is staggering. Ask almost any elderly neighbor.

      1. My Doberman would love for someone to try to break into the house.

    3. I grew up/lived in Ridgewood for 62 years. Knew a lot of people who were “privy” to incidents occuring in Ridgewood. The town (at least “back then”) wanted to keep news items to a minimum. Always to have Ridgewood looking good, untarnished.

      It was always very sad to hear that Ridgewood had (has?), very high incidents of suicide, alcoholism, and of course the usual break-ins, robberies etc.

      I have always loved Ridgewood for what it was, what it appeared to be on the “outside”, seeing it with the eyes of a child, but reality checks are definitely good to have. Keeps things in perspective, and safer.

  2. These newly arriving immigrants are just here to do the work American won’t do.

  3. three cheers for diversity… again

  4. Crime in Bergen county is simply out of control. Unless NJ tightens the bail laws and increases the penalties for these various crimes, it’s only going to get worse. The Ski Barn on Rte 17 in Paramus was just hit by 3 thieves for the second time this month. The second time one of the store employees recognized them and called police who caught them. One of the perpetrators has already been released. One even assaulted a store employee. All three are from Newark. Need to build a wall around that city.Lol

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