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Runaway Shipping Container Creates Traffic Backup on 17 South Wednesday

Runaway Shipping Container,  Creates Traffic Backup

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook Page

April 6,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, An empty shipping container being transported by a tractor trailer on Route 17 southbound in Paramus, broke loose from its tie down devices, hit a overpass at Midland Avenue, and fell to the roadway striking an SUV in the process. No one was injured in the incident, which occurred early Wednesday afternoon, 04/05, but traffic on Route 17 southbound through Paramus was negatively impacted for several hours while the roadway was cleared of the container and the overpass was inspected. Paramus PD and NJDOT managed the incident scene. Two (2) heavy duty wreckers and a flat bed trailer were needed to remove and transport the damaged container from the scene.

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3 thoughts on “Runaway Shipping Container Creates Traffic Backup on 17 South Wednesday

  1. I have been commuting down R17 to the Meadowlands for close to 34 years.

    I have seen some amazing things on the road.

    Quite lucky that no one got hurt here….

  2. How about a field full of children (or adults) playing baseball next to 17? Good idea?

  3. There was a death fron similat oversized highcube container on flatbed met low overpass on 78 east 2 years back with a casualty crush incident

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