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Saddle River and Montvale Named Bergen County Towns “that offer the best bang for your buck”

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Saddle River NJ, the  TEN HOEVE REALTY GROUP list two towns from Bergen County in their list of five secret towns that offer the best bang for your buck, ie… lower property tax rates.

The two Bergen towns are :

Saddle River, “this picturesque town in Northern Bergen County boasts an excellent school district and gorgeous homes, with an average home price of $2.2 million. But what sets Saddle River apart is its property tax rate of only .994, which is lower than it was five years ago. That means you get more space for your money, with an average lot size of 2 acres. Compared to nearby Ramsey, where taxes are almost triple the amount, Saddle River is a tax savings gem.”

“Montvale is another hidden gem in Bergen County that offers a great entry price point for homebuyers. With an average home value of $750,000, you can find a 4 bed, 2.5 bath cape cod or colonial built in the 70s, if you can find it. While inventory can be tight in this small town, it also boasts large townhome communities that make it attractive to first-time buyers. With a tax rate of 2.47%, it’s pretty average for Bergen County, but the town’s great schools, cafes, and restaurants make it a bargain in our opinion.”

The  TEN HOEVE REALTY GROUP is a full-service NJ real estate agent team, delivering results ranking us nationally in the Top 1% of all Realtors, with boutique-style customer service. The AVERAGE agent closes 3-5 deals per year, this year The Ten Hoeve Realty Group is on target to close over 160 home sales and $100,000,000+ worth of sales volume this year.

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6 thoughts on “Saddle River and Montvale Named Bergen County Towns “that offer the best bang for your buck”

  1. What the heck happened to Montvale…?

    I drove over to Wegman’s the other day and it looked like a city back there with stores, condos, apartments, etc.

    The town fathers have sold their souls to the developers.

    1. It’s not all Montvale – the old Mercedes site is Montvale. The old Sony site is Park Ridge

      I agree though – lots of new construction

      1. I went up there recently too and it was such a maze of buildings. Additional construction was ongoing. I miss the way that area was years ago.

        1. That type of construction is just what Pee Wee wants for Ridgewood.

    2. Towns in NJ are at the mercy of the State, it is not a matter of selling their souls. It is required by our State

      If you ever wonder why this kind of development is permitted, that is the reason. Thank your State judges.

    3. Those “developments” are called “15 minute cities”. They’re all over the place and coming up faster and faster in many states. Notice they are all rentals, no more ownership. It’s all part of a very big agenda. Could be Utopian for some, but not for most.

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