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Saddle River Fire Department Handles 3 Calls and a Stop for Ice Cream ,All in A days Work

photos courtesy of  Saddle River Fire Department

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Saddle River NJ, its 93° and sunny in Saddle River today. During this scorching heat on July 20th the Saddle River Fire Department has responded to 3 calls, including a vehicle fire on Route 17. A quick response from Saddle River Fire & Saddle River Police resulted in containing the fire to the engine compartment of the vehicle. After this busy morning, the members made a quick stop at Dairy Queen to cool off!


11 thoughts on “Saddle River Fire Department Handles 3 Calls and a Stop for Ice Cream ,All in A days Work

  1. Where can I get me some taxpayer funded DQ Blizzards, it’s hot!

    1. volunteer for the Saddle River Fire Department

  2. Yummy time.

  3. Good, volunteer is the way to go. Wonder if our guys pay for their own DQ?

    1. sorry thanks the the 3 amigos and the high density housing more fire fighters not less will be hired and yes YOU should volunteer

  4. Go for it , well deserved! God bless our firefighters! Thank you for all
    you do SRFD.

  5. Yes with all this housing there will be no downsizing. Think about it more people. Means more problems. So more Employees across-the-board. Find apartment, Police Department, more sanitation, more recycling, more water usage, more mail, inspections, calls, problems, all the utilities all the deliveries, And it goes on and on.

  6. Someone said,

    Good, volunteer is the way to go.

    Please tell us what volunteer 🔥 fire department are you with?

    Oh none!

    So it’s ok for others to be volunteers but not you, you are educated and you are way above such dirty labor.

  7. Volunteer is the way to go? Lead the way you flabby loser

  8. You know what you could have 300 volunteers in the Village of Ridgewood by the fire department. They still will not privatized it.That’s their big political fat cow. And if you noticed throughout Bergen county they are hiring full-time EMTs first responders. Which is a good thing.. So we have a fast response time,

  9. To the retard who obviously couldn’t pass the FF test.
    We cannot even staff an ambulance.
    Thats why the RFD does the medical calls.
    Response time is KEY. *hence my lower homeowner insurance premium*
    Saddle River relies on non-residents which increases response time.
    Lets hope no volunteers cause an accident rushing to the station to get on the truck, in order to arrive in time to save the foundation.
    If anyone wants to save money, decrease the bloated school budget by simply getting rid of administrators and increasing class sizes.

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